BETTY rules…and now they podcast, too

The band BETTY may have etched their way into our collective hearts with their The L Word theme song, but BETTY is much more than a two minute long anthem. BETTY, which is made up of sisters Elizabeth and Amy Ziff, and Alyson Palmer, have been rocking since 1986. There’s probably a lot about BETTY that you don’t know, too. For example, they created a hit off-Broadway show called BETTY Rules that ran for nine months. They’ve been Arts Envoys for the United States, fierce activists for women’s and LGBTQ rights, and even provided the music for a children’s television program called Encyclopedia. They also put on rollicking concerts, including one I recently attended aboard an Olivia cruise. In other words, they’ve been busy.

Now BETTY has stepped into the world of podcasting with Girlband: The Podcast, which chronicles the history of the band and shows the listener how connected the trio is.  Girlband the Podcast manages to combine the political, personal and cultural together to make for an informative, but also fun and fascinating look at the last 30-plus years through the lens of three women who have seen it all.

You can find BETTY: Girlband the Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Here’s episode one to kick things off.

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