Bella June new releases are gripping romances

The June new releases from Bella Books are gripping, delightful novels about romance against all odds. From two loners finding companionship despite heartbreak to a couple of Strigoi just trying to make it work to a time-traveling Lady and her warrior woman love, these novels are filled with tense, romantic tales that will keep you reading late into the night. And don’t forget to check out our May new releases!

Taking a Chance on Love by Catherine Maiorisi

Being a hero can be incredibly lonely as Quincy Adams has found. Feeling the tug of depression, she fights back by heading to the local lesbian bar. All she wants is to stop thinking about the people she saved—and the memory of those she couldn’t. At the bar, Quincy meets another loner: Lindy. Seeing how much pain she’s in, Lindy helps the woman she recognizes from the news by driving her home. When a ride home leads to a night spent together leads to an intimate but sexless weekend, Quincy decides to ask Lindy out, but Lindy flees. Can these two loners work through their issues and take a chance on love?

Don’t miss this epic June new release—and make sure to check out Bella Books Author’s Corner featuring Catherine Maiorisi reading an excerpt from Taking a Chance on Love.

All Together Stranger: Book Two of the Redamancy Series by Lara Hayes

As the newest Strigoi in the family, Elizabeth Dumas is under quarantine. She must prove that she’s loyal to Fane and his family before she’s allowed to hunt above ground in Chicago. The only wrinkle is that her true loyalty likes with her Maker, Stela—how long before Fane figures her secret out? Stela, who killed a human to protect Elizabeth, ended a business arrangement that has left her indebted to Fane. She and her lover Elizabeth are now Fane’s responsibility—and his support isn’t free.

United by their shared blood, Stela and Elizabeth must hide their love from Fane and the entire family. Strigoi aren’t allowed to belong to one another.

June new release All Together Stranger is the riveting sequel to Terrible Praise, which is on sale now!

My Heart’s in the Highlands by Amy Hoff

In 1888 Edinburgh, Lady Jane Crichton is one of the first women to attend university for medicine, though they will not grant her a degree. She marries a gay man, providing him with the social cover he needs and her with the time to pursue her scientific inventions, including a time machine. The machine works, but not as anticipated, stranding Jane in the 13th-century Highlands. She’s rescued by Ainslie, the warrior woman who is next in line for chiefship of Clan Donald. Despite the challenges of winter, battle, and being far from home, Jane finds herself falling in love with the land and the rough woman before her. Ainslie is equally enraptured, but Jane is hiding a dangerous secret that could destroy their Highland romance.

Don’t miss Amy Hoff’s June new release and debut novel My Heart’s in the Highlands and the accompanying essay she wrote about “Romance in Scotland.”

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