Bella books where enemies become lovers

Oh, the tension! The drama! We all love a good angsty romance and what better way to lean into the angst than by pairing enemies together, drawn to each other by undeniable passion. When that dislike turns to love, something really magical happens. These books feature characters who are on opposite sides but somehow find a way to come together in the end. These ebooks are all on sale for a limited time, too!




Bait and Switch by Blythe H. Warren

Marine biologist Liv Cucinelli comes face to face with the homophobic woman who ruined her college career, and she’s horrified when she learns she has to spend an evening with her. Mira Butler has no clue of the damage she caused to Liv, so when she has a chance meeting with her, she won’t let Liv walk away. The two women will uncover their shared past and with some forgiveness and understanding, perhaps they can find a way to connect.



The Roundabout by Gerri Hill

This enemies-to-lovers romance takes place in Provincetown, a town that attracts lesbians year-round. Bar owner Megan Phenix, known for her grumpy demeanor, and Provincetown newbie Leah Rollins clash at first. However, they find common ground and hatch a plan to avoid the drama of relationships and unwanted attention by pretending their dating. The thing is, their feelings might not be fake after all.



Rising Above by Genevieve Fortin

Anais (Ana) Bloom heads to Sainte-Luce-Sur-Mer to study climate change on the shoreline of the Saint-Laurent River. While there, the engineering geologist, meets Melodie, the granddaughter of the innkeeper of the White Sheep. Melodie is impulsive with a less-than-pleasant attitude and sees Ana’s presence as a threat to her future for her way of life. When a strong storm hits the community, the two women are forced to take refuge in the inn and each other.



Echo Point by Virginia Hale

After the sudden death of her sister, a grieving Bron comes back to Australia to take care of her young niece, Annie. When her sister’s best friend Ally comes into the picture, Bron can’t help but resent Ally’s sudden presence. Bron considers taking Annie back with her to Boston, but suddenly a wildfire begins raging nearby and Bron realizes just how important Ally might be to her after all.



Hidden Hearts by Ann Roberts

Real estate lawyer CC Carson is tasked with delivering an eviction notice on behalf of her firm, but when the person she’s evicting turns out to be the writer who inspired CC in her youth, CC is more than conflicted. Not only that, but the writer Vivian’s tenants, including attractive lawyer Penn, won’t let their beloved landlady go down without a heck of a fight.




Anyone But You by KG MacGregor

Neither Cathryn Mack nor Stacie Pilardi realizes what the other does for a living when they begin hooking up. When the truth is revealed – that Cathryn works for a major oil company, and Stacie is an environmental activist – they know it would be better to go their separate ways. But can they?



Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague

You’d be hard-pressed to find bigger enemies than supernatural creature hunter, Mary Alice Nolan and werewolf, Ruri Samson. The two women are on opposites sides, but a powerful and dangerous common enemy unites them, and they team up to defeat it. Along the way, their attraction proves powerful, too.



Hurricane Days by Renee J Lukas

Governor Robin Sanders is a rising Republican star. She also happens to be a closeted lesbian. One of the few people who know this is Adrienne Austen, Robin’s former college roommate and girlfriend, who is now a successful out and proud musician. When their paths cross again after many years, these two opposites are forced to deal with their differing ideologies and simmering desires.



Crash Stop by Mary Griggs

Co-workers Gail Joiner and Lily Rush clash from the start, however, tensions cool when Gail’s daughter and Lily are trapped in a wrecked warehouse. Lily is injured but as she recovers, the two women discover an attraction for each other. That connection is threatened however when Lily’s job is put on the line, and HR director Gail is caught between her feelings for Lily and a new VP who seems to have his own motives in firing Lily.

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