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It’s that lovely time when we share all of the fantastic Bella Books reviews we’ve received in the last month. We’ve gathered these great reviews of our March and April 2020 releases to share with you, as well as a review of an older release and a May release!

April new releases

Bette Hawkins’ romance novel Running Deep has gotten some very nice reviews. Rainbow Reflections writer Betty Harmon said of the novel, “If you would like to read a lovely romance that will take you away for a little while, then try Running Deep.” On Goodreads reviewer Pin said, “Running Deep makes for another very good book by this author and I am looking forward to more of her stories.”

Pursuing Pandora by Maggie Brown received a solid review from Lex Kent on Goodreads. “I ended up reading this book in one sitting since I just didn’t want to put it down,” wrote Kent, adding, “Brown doesn’t disappoint and I’m happy to say that this was another enjoyable read.”

Out of the Flames by Stacy Lynn Miller received great reviews this month. Betty Harmon at Rainbow Reflections wrote, “A satisfying, tear-jerking, emotional tale … populated with strong characters that deserves to be read again and again. I want more!” She also added the book to her “Favorites” list on Goodreads. also gave the book a compelling review. Out of Flames is “emotional, sweet, heartbreaking, and exciting all rolled into one,” wrote reviewer Lex Kent who also placed the book on her “2020 Favorites List” on Goodreads. She continued, “This book brought on all the feels, and made me grab for the tissues … If you are looking for a book that is emotional, exciting, hopeful, and entertaining, you came to the right place … you will absolutely want a book two.” And, placed Out of the Flames on their list of “Recommended Books for April 2020.”

March new releases and earlier

Gerri Hill’s Gillette Park continues to receive strong reviews. Jude in the Stars gave the book five stars, writing, “Gerri Hill ties up all the loose ends and the few questions I have been left with have more to do with human nature.” The reviewer continued, “I’m not shying away from Hill’s thrillers anymore after this excellent one. I might even go back in time and see what I’ve missed.” The Lesbian Review called the book “an awesome mystery/thriller with a kindle-gripping supernatural twist.” They added, “Right now, I’m raising my coffee mug in Gerri Hill’s honor because she gave me lovable and unforgettable characters and a compelling plot that kept me hooked for hours on end.” The Lesbian Review also placed Gillette Park on both April’s and Anna’s lists of favorite lesbian books. Over on Goodreads, Lex Kent wrote, “This book has a real quality of just hooking you in. It’s very hard to stop reading once you start. It’s one of those books that you just need to know what is on the next page.” Also on Goodreads, reviewer Bethany wrote, “Hill is a master writer, and this one is done in a way that I think will appeal to many readers. Don’t just discount this one because it has a paranormal theme to it! I think that the majority of readers who love mystery novels with a romantic side twist will love this story.”

And Then There Was Her by Tagan Shepard received a very nice review from Lex Kent on Goodreads who wrote, “This was just the book I needed and wanted.” Kent continued, “This book really was a joy to read. I started this book after midnight, the day before, thinking I would read a chapter or two before I became sleepy. Soon it was almost 4am and I had to force myself to put this down and get some sleep. This book just completely hooked me in and it did not want to let go.”

Two books by E.J. Noyes have also received reviews this month. Her upcoming novel Reaping the Benefits (out May 14) received a very nice review on Goodreads, where reviewer Pin wrote, “With all main elements done well, this makes an awesome read which I could easily recommend to all romance fans.”

And Noyes’ November 2019 If The Shoe Fits, which builds on the stories of Ask, Tell and Ask Me Again,  received five stars and high praise from Jude in the Stars, “If the Shoe Fits is the perfect ending … to a trilogy that is so much more than romance.” The reviewer also wrote, “E. J. Noyes is one of the smartest and most talented writers I’ve read.”

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