Bella Books November new releases are fun romances

Bella Books is pleased to return with another slate of fantastic and fun romances! Our November new releases are filled with dating, romance, and odd couples who find each other despite the odds. From the Hollywood Hills to the mountains of West Texas, love truly finds a way.

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#CassiNova by Lori G. Matthews now available for purchase!

#CassiNova by Lori G. Matthews

In this sweet and funny romp through the Hollywood Hills, award-winning actress Samantha is on a mission to perfect her life. She only needs a romantic partner, an Oscar, and a baby goat in pajamas to make her dream complete. When she meets a fan named Alex who has lived through too much tragedy, Samantha just may be able to tick number one off her list. But will Alex be able to give love another try after losing the love of her life?

Make sure to check out debut Bella Books author Lori G. Matthews’ essay about writing #Cassinova as a pantser.

Synclair by Rachel Gold now available for purchase!

Synclair by Rachel Gold

Emma Synclair is on a mission to find her true love before her senior year of high school starts. She has a crush on her best friend and her girlfriend, so she decides to think bigger. No not like big city bigger, like God bigger. Her atheist parents are out of town for the summer, so she decides to date a few religions and their deities to figure things out. Her spiritual quest hits a few snags: her friends decide to make her house the party house and a very cute friend from her childhood shows up. And, oh my, she also likes girls. Now Synclair really has to wonder: is her true love a girl or God? Can she have both? Well, she’s just going to have to find out for herself.

Make sure to check out Bella Books author Rachel Gold’s essay about writing Synclair and some of the writing energy harnessed to make the book come together.

The Stars at Night by Gerri Hill is now available for purchase!

The Stars at Night by Gerri Hill

Bella Books author Gerri Hill returns with another novel that’s sure to please!

Park ranger Kyler loved her old life, but when she got caught with her boss’s wife, she was swiftly transferred to the remote Davis Mountains State Park. After four years of life in the middle of nowhere, she’s adjusted and become a local. She’s content with birdwatching and watching football in her stress-free, date-free life. That is until city girl Lexie waltzes into her life. Fresh off of a job loss, Lexie has moved to the remote Davis Mountains to help her family run their rustic lodge and restaurant. Sure, there’s no nightlife, parties, spin class, or smoothies, but there’s also no chance of dating. At least that’s what she assumes right up until she meets a cute park ranger who changes her life.

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