Bella Books celebrates our 2020 debut authors

Bella Books is proud to celebrate our 2020 debut authors! These fantastic authors have burst onto the lesfic scene with exciting and exceptional books that have been praised as “very clever” and “one of the best books I’ve read all year.”

We invite you to celebrate our authors with us both by reading on and by picking up their debut titles for 25% off this weekend only at Bella Books’ website.

Queerleaders by M.B. Guel

When an outcast becomes a cheerleader magnet, she has to wonder exactly what is going on. You see, Mack is used to being an outsider, but she never feels too alone with her BFF Lila by her side. But after Mack’s newfound popularity, Lila isn’t too happy. The cool kids were never that cool in the first place. Is Mack being set up? Or could she actually belong now–and even find romance?

M.B. was the winner of Bella’s “fan fiction to published author contest,” which is how Queerleaders came to be their debut.

Vacation People by Cheri Ritz

Lauren was supposed to be going on vacation with her partner–until her partner became her ex. So, while she’s waiting for her next flight on a layover in Vegas, she agrees to meet up with a workaholic named Penny who is coming off her own heartbreak. What was supposed to be a dinner turns into a vacation when Penny hops on a flight to Hawaii to be with Lauren, as a friend, obviously. But as they don bikinis and relax, they find there’s more between them than they suspected. And why shouldn’t they make use of that inviting king-size bed?

And make sure to check out Cheri’s essay for Bella Media Channel about the power of queer representation.

Out of the Flames by Stacy Lynn Miller

Detective Manhattan Sloane is all about work. She doesn’t want close relationships and she isn’t interested in finding a new lover. That is until her first childhood crush reappears in her life and her work. DEA Agent Finn Harper is in town to investigate a street drug that’s plaguing San Francisco. Sloane has personal ties to the drug, leading the two to team up to take down a ruthless drug lord. As sparks and bullets fly, Sloane must face her past to build a new future with Harper.

Get to know Stacy better by reading her recent interview at Bella Media Channel.

My Heart’s in the Highlands by Amy Hoff

Growing up in Victorian Edinburgh wasn’t easy for Lady Jane Crichton. Though she attended university to study medicine, she was denied a degree due to her gender. Making the best of a bad situation, Jane marries a closeted gay man to give him social cover and her time to pursue her scientific interests, including a time machine. The machine works, but Jane is caught off-guard when she crashes in the 13th-century Scottish Highlands. When a warrior woman rescues her and takes her back to the great Clan Donald, Jane finds herself falling in love with both this time and this place. But can her newfound love survive the secret she’s hiding?

Make sure to check out this insightful essay on representations of Scotland from Amy in Bella Media Channel.

Gray Matters by Dolores Arden

Two women brought together by their work find that they have more in common than they’d thought. Remy Devereux is a fantastic detective with haunting dreams and a newly-ex girlfriend. Giana is a forensic scientist who just broke off her engagement and moved across the country. Remy knows better than to fall for a straight woman, no matter how intelligent and beautiful she is. Giana sees no reason the two can’t be best friends. But when they put their heads together to stop a killer, their mutual attraction is no longer deniable.

Get to know Dolores better in this interview at Bella Media Channel.

Claiming Camille by Louise McBain

Claiming Camille by Louise McBain

Camille has put love on the back burner as she’s pursued partnership at her law firm. When her ailing father needs her help, Camille transfers to the DC office where her ex is still employed. Complicating matters, Camille has ignited a passionate romance with the daughter of the firm’s biggest client–a breach of company policy. Will Mia spoil things to get back at Camille? Or will Hannah see past the drama and claim Camille’s heart?

Learn more about Louise and her writing in her recent interview with Bella Media Channel.

Begin Again by Kat Jackson

Emery has noticed that things are less than stellar with her partner Lauren. They still love each other, but something is off–and Emery is sure it’s not come from her. When Emery’s ex Burke reappears, Emery remembers their long-ago romance and how they could have been the real deal. No matter who else Emery has romanced, she’s never forgotten Burke. As she feels caught between the past and present and unable to think of the future, Emery has to find her own truth while falling for someone she thought she’d never see again and still loving the woman she’s committed to.

Make sure to check out Kat’s essay on heartbreak, writing, and how she wrote Begin Again for Bella Media Channel.

#CassiNova by Lori G. Matthews

Alex married her college sweetheart and lived a dream until the love of her life was taken from her by tragedy. Determined to never love again, Alex prefers casual sex over something deeper–until she meets her favorite Hollywood starlet Samantha Cassidy. As an award-winning actor, Sam lacks little, except an Oscar, a lover, and a baby goat. But can she turn her back on Hollywood to embrace the love in front of her? Can Alex give love another shot? What’s the deal with the baby goat?

Don’t miss the author’s hilarious and insightful essay about being a pantser for Bella Media Channel.

Remember to pick up all of these debut titles on the Bella Books website!

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