Bella authors share their New Year’s resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year to all of our dear readers! Have you been busy coming up with New Year’s resolutions like we have? Some of our Bella authors shared their personal resolutions and invite you to share yours in the comments and on our social media.


Riley Scott: In 2018, my resolution is to write daily, even when the words are stubborn, and to look for the good in all people and the positives in each situation. I also intend to give gardening another shot, despite my proven gray thumb, and to expand my recipe repertoire to include dishes from around the world. This year, I will marry the love of my life, so my resolution includes planning a beautiful wedding and making good on a promise to my fiancée to write our unconventional love story, even if just for the two of us to read.


Tracey Richardson: I’m going to strive to write more & to write faster & to stretch my writing comfort zones. This may mean trying a different genre or … who knows?


Karin Kallmaker: I resolve to light up and celebrate what I love more brightly and more loudly than ever.


Tagan Shepard: I resolve to read more since being a better reader will make me a better writer. I’m also going to support more LGBTQ2S artists and businesses.


Dillon Watson: I resolve to hunt down my muse and put her back to work.


E.J. Cochrane: I’m going to try doing more things that scare me (including truly daunting tasks like calling to schedule appointments, asking store associates for assistance and commenting on Facebook posts of people I haven’t known for at least a decade). I might also work on that procrastination thing, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.


M.E. Logan: Stop putting things off.


Catherine Maiorisi: I write or read most of the day and night which means, unless I’m cooking, I’m sitting in my isolated bubble. Personally, I resolve to exercise more, to relate more to the world, to connect with friends, and, to fight to make our country a kinder, better place. As an author, I resolve to write faster, publish more, and promote better.


Melissa Price: I never make resolutions. Instead, each year I try to become a better version of myself. To learn more, to reach out more, and to make a better world for the people and animals who inhabit it. This year is already taking off in new and exciting ways, including nearing the end of a work-in-progress that I hope will be a great read in 2018! Wishing you all a great year.


Dana Piccoli: I resolve to get healthier so I can climb those literal and figurative mountains in my life with greater ease.

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