Beacon Hill Season 2 Finale promises a wild ride

Can you believe we’ve gotten to the end of Season 2 of Beacon Hill? It’s been a wild ride, with reunited loves, political intrigue, and family drama. Here’s crossing our fingers we get a Season 3 to tie up all those cliffhangers. And if you missed last week’s Episode 5 recap about lesbians, politics, and muffins (oh my!), you can still read it.

So, the finale opens up on Sara writing a new article. She gets a call from Diane, who is all excited that she booked a part in an Off-Broadway play. When Sara asks about the audition, Diane tells her that she didn’t even audition! Uh oh. Sara knows right away that dear ol’ grandad has something to do with it.

Beacon Hill Season 2
My support has nothing to do with the deal I made with your grandfather. I’m just a cool wife.

Lounging in bed, Eric and Susan are talking about running for office. It’s obvious to us that Susan already knows that this plan has been set in motion, but poor Eric is clueless. He doesn’t want to be his grandfather’s puppet, though. He really just wants his approval, and even after running the family business, he’s still chasing Senator Preston’s favor. Susan pushes hard for Eric to run, buttering him up, and promising she knows just the right person to help him win.

Wherever Isabel is staying, which I bet smells like Earl Grey and resentment, she gets a call from someone who appears to be extorting her for more money. She refuses, but then says she’s meet them at The Beacon. Who could it be?

At Sara’s office, Andrew introduces Sara to the mystery man from the last episode. His name is J.D. Cooper, and he’s a political strategist. He’s immediately critical of some of Kate’s ambitious but muddled message, which rubs Kate the wrong way.

Beacon Hill Season 2
I haven’t listened to a man’s opinion since 1998.

However, when she hears more about his track record, she warms to the idea. She doesn’t want to be handled, and he agrees that candidates that need to be handled won’t be good leaders anyway. Kate feels strongly that taking over Preston’s seat isn’t the right choice for her. Looks like she’s on track to run for her own seat. She’s also growing suspicious of Andrew’s motives regarding Senator Preston.

Speaking of possible double-crossing, Laura gets a call from Susan and Eric, who are interested in hiring her for Eric’s campaign. If Eric runs for this seat, it’s likely the same seat that Kate will be running for. That’s going to put a damper on that friends with benefits situation.

Aaaaaand speaking of triple-crossing, Diane and Carter have a clandestine meetup?! Could it be that Diane was hired to cozy up to Sara to get close to the Senator? Ooooo, this is getting juicy. Carter doesn’t appreciate that Diane doesn’t have enough intel and tells her to quit the play, which she knows Preston set up for her. Oh Diane, you’re just a pawn too. Carter orders her back to Boston immediately.


At Chez Preston, Isabel arrives to see Senator Preston. She runs right into Claire who wants to know where the hell, Jason, her son, is. Welp! The Senator is surprised to see Isabel, who knows how to play him like a fiddle. On the television, a reporter says that Kate is going to be making an announcement about her run for office. Just then, Isabel grabs the remote, sending the Senator into a tizzy. He leaps off the bed and grabs it back with his left hand. Oh, well, looks like the Senator has been faking his illness after all, a fact that Isabel was pretty sure of anyway. Nice move, Izzy. Evelyn, the ever curious, overhears everything by snooping at the door.

Oh, well how about that?

Emily is still ticked off at Louise about the whole not wanting to get married thing. I love a woman who can hold a grudge. Louise reminds her that it’s the anniversary of when they first met, and how beautiful Emily was. Emily just grumbles about Dijon mustard and a chicken she lovingly prepared. Just then, J.D. walks in, or should I say, JASON. Yup, the long-lost Preston son has appeared. The ladies are thrilled to see him, but when he tells that he’s moving back home, they are less-than-thrilled. Not because they don’t adore him, but because they were tasked with keeping Jason away from Boston and all the drama it carries.

How do you say, welcome home, now get the hell out of here?

If you didn’t get enough of long-lost family members, Sara has a good one for you. At the Preston house, the doorbell rings. Sara answers it and manages to eek out one word. “Daddy?”

The plot, it thickens.

Beacon Hill Season 2! How can you leave us with all these delicious dangling threads!? What a blast this season has been. The new cast worked out seamlessly, and the stakes are even higher. Season 3 can’t come soon enough.

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    Beacon Hill Season 2 was intriguing and well performed. There were a lot of captivating moments,and one cannot wait for Season 3.

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