Beacon Hill Recap: Episode 3 gets juicy

We’re back with another Beacon Hill recap! In Episode 3 “Kiss and Make Up,” things get intense between Kate and Sara—and they’re not the only ones feeling the heat. And if you missed it, you can still read last week’s lesbian drama-fueled recap.

Grab a napkin, grab a bib because this week’s episode of Beacon Hill is juicy! We’ve got sapphic and straight longing, Cobb salads, mature lesbians bickering, secrets revealed and a movie night you won’t forget. It was such a damn delight that I’m all giddy as I sit down to recap things for you.

Beacon Hill Recap Episode 3
Thinks about ex-girlfriend in silence

Katherine, brooding lesbian politician, is brooding particularly heavily at a window today when Andrew pops his head into her office to check in. He asks about how her meeting with Senator Preston went, but she doesn’t offer much information. Considering he knows that the Senator is playing Katherine like a fiddle, he’s awful mum himself.

Back at the Preston manor, we catch up with Eric Preston, who coincidentally, is also brooding at a window. They all brood so well! He’s joined by Evelyn, and we quickly find out why Eric is so cold to her: They were in love before! Eric and Evelyn were a couple before Eric felt pressured to leave her and marry Susan at his grandfather’s urging. This guy didn’t even let Evelyn know he got married! So, a month later, Evelyn married his grandfather. Well, this is positively Shakespearian.

After their previously tense run-in at the Preston house, things have warmed considerably with Sara and Katherine. It helps when you bring cake. Sara surprises Kate with her favorite meal and a sweet treat at her home, and the two sit down to try and create some new type of relationship. They actually talk about some really mature things, about loss and growth and moving on. Sara finally really apologizes for the way she left things, and Kate admits how devasting it all was. I love lesbian processing. After they each take a breath, Kate invites Sara to stay and watch The Way We Were together, and if that’s not a lesbian mating call, I don’t know what is. (Let me just take a moment to say how great Marem and Nadia are together in these roles.)

Sara Beacon Hill
There’s still time for us to adopt some cats together.

I must admit, the fact that café owners Emily and Louise are a couple totally escaped me in Season One, but I am obsessed with it now! Emily is slamming things around and acting all sorts of put out, and it turns out that she wants to make it official after 40 years, but Louise is dragging her feet. Their adorableness is interrupted by Isabel, who sweeps in like a cold rain and drops some big news in their laps. She warns them that Claire is looking for Jason, who is safely living in Chicago. We don’t get the full story but it seems like Emily and Louise have some serious connection to Jason, and Isabel wants to keep Claire as far away as possible. What’s the scoop, Beacon Hill!?

We’re lesbians who bake and bicker, who wants to know?

At Katherine’s office, her dad Senator Wesley arrives to give Andrew some hell. He doesn’t trust Senator Preston and doesn’t want Kate to end up conveniently holding up the wheels of his wicked bus. When he leaves, Andrew makes a call to an unknown person and arranges a meetup.

Back at Kate’s, Sara and Kate are watching The Way We Were IN BED. Does she not have a couch? Kate has fallen asleep, giving Sara a chance to remember how things used to be. Softy Kate, crying for the 40th time over the movie, and professing their love to each other before tumbling into bed. It’s clear these two were madly in love, but that was the past…or was it?

Sara stirs and it wakes Kate. When Sara looks into Kate’s eyes, the connection is sparking like  the Fourth of July. Sara leans in and they start to kiss. After a few moments, Kate breaks it off, knowing that in addition to the years of painful history between them, Sara has a girlfriend and Kate has…well, something going on as well. Sara doesn’t want the kiss to end, and tries to plead her case, but Kate isn’t hearing it. She can’t hear it right now.

Kate and Sara
No words, just kiss.

Sara leaves, and Kate is left with burning lips and a rekindled desire. Neither of which are particularly comfortable to deal with. And speaking of uncomfortable situations, before Sara can even collect her thoughts, her boss calls, demanding her story. No story in 24 hours. No job. What’s a girl to do?

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