Beacon Hill Episode 5 Recap: Politics, lesbians, and muffins! Oh my!

This Beacon Hill Episode 5 recap is all about politics, lesbians, and muffins–oh my!

Is it possible that we’re already at the penultimate episode of Beacon Hill Season Two? It’s gone by so fast because it’s just so fun to watch. There’s much to tie up, can it be done? We’ll soon find out. And if you missed last week’s recap all about the lesbian fallout in Episode 4, you can still read it.

We find Eric brooding (naturally) and looking at a picture of his father when Evelyn walks in. Eric explains that his father took off one day when the kids were at school and because repression is the name of the game in the Preston house, no one ever talked about him again. The two share a tender moment which is interrupted when Sue, Eric’s wife, walks in. Evelyn makes herself scarce, while Sue asks when Eric will finally come home. He tells her that the Senator needs him there, but she’s skeptical. So am I.

Smells like aftershave and LIES

At Kate’s office, she’s ready to get down to business and asks Andrew to launch an exploratory look into all that goes into running for a senate seat, Preston’s or otherwise. He tells her not to worry about money if she will be taking Preston’s seat, but she wants to explore all her options, perhaps because she knows that money and help comes with lots of strings attached. Andrew pushes back hard, but Kate is steadfast. Sorry Andrew, but you’re going to have to run back to Senator Preston with your tail between your legs.

Welp, I’m screwed.

Susan makes a call to Senator Preston, to tell him it’s time for Eric to come home. She tells him that there’s something brewing between Eric and Evelyn, and it’s time to make good on their deal. Hmmmm. Also wheeling and dealing is Andrew, who contacts a mystery man about what a campaign for Kate would look like. Cue the ominous music.

Eric takes some time to fill his grandfather in on his visit from Carter. The Senator brushes it off, and changes the subject to the other senate seat that’s soon to be vacant. The one Kate is thinking of possibly running for. He wants Eric to run for it. Eric is confused since he’s been successfully running the Preston company, and has no political aspirations. Gramps spills the beans about making sure that Kate wouldn’t win re-election, and when Eric presses him, he promises the less Eric knows, the better. Eric leaves in a huff, and we see Sara standing in the hallway. Was she in earshot?

Back at the Café of Adorable Lesbian Bickering, Emily is still angry that Louise doesn’t want to get hitched. There’s also something about salty muffins. That’s not a double entendre. Sara arrives at the café and the ladies pepper her with questions about Claire. Sara really only has Kate on her mind though. She also has an article to write. What could it be about?

Beacon Hill Episode 5 recap
I’m gonna pass on these salty muffins.

It appears that Sara did pick up some info from her eavesdropping sesh. She makes a call and asks for all the info possible on Carter. Oooo, now I think I know what this article will be about. She slips on a baseball cap and heads over to Kate’s. Kate is furious when Sara arrives, but Sara tells her what she heard Senator Preston and Eric talking about. Kate looks crestfallen when she realizes she really is nothing but a pawn to Preston.

Beacon Hill Episode 5 recap
Check mate

Sara takes this moment of vulnerability to promise Kate that she’s not giving up on her and she’s not going anywhere this time.

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