“Barbelle” is back! Check out the Season 2 trailer

Barbelle was one of my favorite webseries of the last few years, and after a year and a half absence, I’m thrilled to see it making its way back for Season 2.  So what’s Barbelle all about? Well, Veronica and Alice (Karen Knox and Gwenlyn Cumyn who also created the series) are in one of the hottest indie bands out there. A big reason for their success is that the bandmates are also girlfriends, which their fans love. When fame and stress get to be too much, Veronica and Alice’s relationship deteriorates and the two break up. However, that’s information that their manager and label doesn’t want the world to know. So, the two are left to keep up the ruse of a relationship, while Alice finds a new romance with up and coming bubblegum popster, Lulu (Cynthia Hicks).

As Veronica and Alice struggle with their new normal, and Veronica attempts to get her life together, the two exes find themselves drawn to each other again…just when news of their breakup leaks. What’s a band to do?

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store on Season 2 of Barbelle, which officially returns on April 10th. There’s romance, secret sexy times, lies, a new rival band, and more!

Season One of Barbelle is available on KindaTV now.

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