Back to school: Check out these Bella books with professor and teacher protagonists

It’s back to school time and we’re featuring books that have leading ladies who teach. Whether it’s a college professor embroiled in a family mystery, or a high school music teacher reuniting with her long lost love, these novels will be a hit. Also, it’s National Read a Book Day, so why don’t you pick up one or more of these ebooks at a discount! For a limited time only.

A Dark Horse by Blayne Cooper

Mid-western college professor Natalie Abbott is estranged from her family, but when her teenage brother runs away to New Orleans, she heads there to find him. Thankfully, NOPD Detective Adele Lejeune is there to help in the search. As the mystery becomes more complicated, so do Adele and Natalie’s feelings for each other.

Love by the Numbers by Karin Kallmaker

Behavioral scientist Professor Nicole Hathaway is as surprised as anyone when her intended academic tome becomes a big success. Her publisher has assigned her a number of assistants, none of which lasted very long. When disgraced society princess Lily Smith is assigned to be her newest assistant, Nicole assumes she’ll be just like the others. That’s until the sparks start flying.

Visiting Hours by Tagan Shepard

History professor Alison Reynolds, has it all pretty much figured out, or so she thinks. That’s until West Coast doctor Jess comes careening into her life. At first they clash, but under all that irritation lies a pesky attraction that won’t seem to go away.

Homecoming by Celeste Castro

Bestselling author “Dusty” Del Carmen accepts an invitation to speak at a conference in her home state of Idaho, a place she hasn’t returned to for many years. Professor Morgan West is excited to meet one of her favorite authors, Dusty, at the conference, but a chance encounter that leaves them trapped in a rustic cabin will provide a lot more intimacy than your typical meet and greet.

Don’t Let Go by Sheryl Wright

Chief Innovation Officer and veteran Georgie DiNamico just wants to be left alone to recover from a serious injury sustained in Afghanistan, but when university professor Tyler Marsh comes into her life and workplace, everything changes.

Sculpting Anna by Venus Reising

Professor Lexy Strayer may finally be ready to fall in love again after a terrible loss, but she’s determined that it won’t be her student Anna Stevens, who is back in college after ten years out of school. She even rejects Anna’s initial flirtation. The same can’t be said for Lexy’s fellow prof, Jennifer Gardiner, a murder-mystery writer and English teacher who has her eyes set on Anna. Lexy tries to keep her mind off of Anna, but the woman keeps appearing in Lexy’s sculpting work, while Jennifer’s exes suddenly start turning up dead…just like in her novels.

One Summer Night by Gerri Hill

After having her heart broken, college professor Johanna Marshall vows never to fall in love again, especially not with someone like the love-em and leave-em Kelly Sambino. However, one hot summer night leads to a passionate tryst. Thankful she’ll never have to see Kelly again, when she returns to university in the fall she comes face to face with the college’s new Literature Professor – Kelly.

Summer Desires by Emily King

Amy Bergen is finally pursuing her dream of being a lifeguard, but she also has her hands full with managing a luxury auto-dealership. Amy figures there’s no room in her hectic life for romance, but that’s before she meets middle school teacher Sarah Wagner on the beach for summer vacation. Sarah is interested in Amy too, but the lifeguard is attracting lots of attention from other women. Can these two get over their awkward first meeting to explore the chemistry between them? 

Breaking Even by E.A. Schreiber

Doctoral student Chloe Amden finds herself taking a leave of absence and ends up in a small, coastal town to try and sort herself out. Once she settles in however, she finds an unexpected opportunity at the local high school and a community in Boothbay Harbor, including a mysterious and alluring English teacher.

The Secret Chord by Virginia Hale

Music teacher Kate York accepts a position at her old alma mater and boarding school, St. Joan of Arc. What she didn’t expect was to come face to face with her former roommate, Tilly, who was brought on as a substitute. When they last saw each other as teenagers, and despite their feelings for each other, Tilly was determined to join the sisterhood of nuns that raised her as an orphan. With Tilly refusing to talk about their past, Kate wonders if they can rekindle their friendship. However, there’s much more brewing beneath the surface for both women. 

Joie de Vivre by Michaela Lynn

Forensic anthropologist, Dr. Kate Riley has dedicated her life to her work since her partner disappeared years ago in college. Nothing has ever been more important to Kate than her work, until she meets Kindergarten teacher Lisa Sorenson. The two women are complete opposites, and drawn together despite their differences. When their worlds collide in an unlikely manner, they will have to fight for each other.

Keeping Up Appearances by Ann Roberts

The women at Cedar Hills Elementary have secrets. Lot of them. Principal Faye Burton and coworker Andrea “Andi” Loomis have struck up a secret romance, but fear their homophobic boss finding out. To make matters worse, attorney Constance “the Steamroller” Richardson is planning to exact revenge on the couple on behalf of her autistic nephew, who she is now raising after the death of her sister. Check out this tense drama that unfolds behind the scenes at a prestigious school.

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