Auto company Renault’s commercial features a same-sex love story that will take your breath away

While Subaru has always cornered the lesbian and queer market, French auto maker Renault’s UK division recently unveiled an ad that will have you speechless. The full ad, which clocks in at 2:10, is the story of two women, from when they were kids meeting in a student exchange program to teens in love to finally adults. There are Renault cars featured and the story, set to a cover of Oasis‘ “Wonderwall” by Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, is haunting and joyful at times. And don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

What sets this short film, ahem, commercial apart, is that is doesn’t shy away from intimacy between two women. There is kissing, and not just the closed-mouth-peck kind, which is a rarity to see in an ad. Well done, Renault!

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