Author RJ Layer on why she’s donating royalties to horses in need

The reason for writing Dreams Unspoken is my love of horses, although, my experience is mostly limited to trail rides. My wife can’t quite fathom why I love these animals so much since my first experiences include having a pony step on my foot, nearly crushing my toes as a pre-teen, and then as a teenager riding horses at a friend’s farm while my horse tried to rid itself of me by constantly running near the pasture fence. But, as a youngster at the family getaway I looked forward to hiking to the property beside us where the pasture held two horses I could pet and feed. Additionally, a half a dozen or so years ago I got to ride some hillside trails south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming where we had the most spectacular view of the Grand Tetons. I can’t help it. I simply love these majestic animals.

The day following my December release of Dreams Unspoken I sat surfing Facebook for cute kitty pictures and videos when I came upon this video for the Far View Horse Rescue. Have a look here:


I was so moved by the video that I have pledged a percentage of my January to June 2018 royalties to this wonderful non-profit organization to help feed the horses during the next winter season.

In Dreams Unspoken a particular horse plays a therapeutic role for a young autistic boy. The relationship between this boy and the horses is a catalyst for bringing the main characters together. At the Far View Horse Rescue their vision is, “Finding our rescued horses’ successful partnerships with new owners, through caring youth and adult volunteers plus horsemanship education.” The “partnership” aspect at Far View as it relates to youth reminds me of what is conveyed in my story, and this correlation is what inspired me to make the pledge. Learn more about Far View Horse Rescue here.

So, pick up a copy of Dreams Unspoken on and you’ll not only be getting a romantic lesfic read, you will be helping to feed the horses at the Far View Horse Rescue in Colorado.

*feature photo via the Far View Horse Rescue Facebook

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