Author Becky Harmon on how her “New Additions” novel has a special connection to “Listen to Your Heart”

I really enjoyed writing Listen to Your Heart. It gave me the chance to expand on previous characters and bring new ones to life. I’ve always enjoyed reading books that have overlapping characters and I hope others do as well. From the first moment I wrote Deputy Steph Williams into New Additions, I could see the story of her life–and the love of her life, Attorney Jemini Rivers. Of all the characters I’ve ever created, Jemini spoke to me the most. I could see her as clearly as if she was the woman living next door. I hope the story of Steph and Jemini is as vivid and enjoyable for you as it is for me.
For years I’ve had a dream of owning a small cabin resort and when I wandered across the town of Milton, Florida, it seemed a perfect location. Quiet streets with quaint little shops and restaurants sitting on the bank of the Blackwater River. The dream went from living in my head to appearing on paper. Of course, for story advantages, I moved the location of the town, changed its name and created a fictional resort and people. After New Additions, the town of Riverview began to grow in my mind. It was easy to write and I was able to make it exactly what I imagined. Each book in the series brings new characters that I can’t wait to write about. As long as there is an interest, you can look for more Riverview characters to appear in my future books.
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