August’s new releases are scorching

It’s our favorite day of the month: new release day! This month we have a new Gerri Hill romance for you, a maritime mystery from Jenna Rae,  a Northern Canadian love story from Karen Legasy, and love sparked in a library from Bette Hawkins.


The Neighbor by Gerri Hill

When Laura Fry returns home to care for her ailing mother, she hopes the change of scenery might help with her terrible writer’s block. While there, she becomes interested in caring for her mother’s lawn, and spending hours outside. That’s where she meets neighbor Cassidy Anderson, who loves pool parties and an endless parade of women. Cassidy is intrigued however by Laura and finds herself drawn to the tomboyish writer next door.



The Third Eye by Jenna Rae

Captain Brenda Borelli is passionate about her career, so much so that she didn’t even realize that her relationships with friends and her partner had slipped through her fingers while she was off solving cases. When a young officer is killed by a dirty cop, Brenda can’t let it go and enlists her ex, Tori, to help her when everyone else wants the case buried. With Tori by her side again, Brenda has to take a long look at what she really wants from life.


Kindling for the Heart by Karen Legasy

Forestry consultant Josephine Lavigne is happy living a quiet life in Northern Canada with her trusty dog Mollie by her side. When big-town lawyer Samantha White comes to town for some R&R, she’s ill-equipped to handle the harsh conditions and requires rescue by Josephine. After being snowed in together for two days, the women forge an unlikely friendship and a spark that threatens to burn out of control.


Like a Book by Bette Hawkins

Librarian Trish Carter is ready to start fresh after a bad breakup in a new town and with a new job. Little did she expect to have her breath taken away on her first day by beautiful author June Williams. When Trish and June team up to work on research for June’s latest book, they find their attraction hard to deny. They set ground rules to keep their relationship friendly, but that’s easier said than done.

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