August new releases from Bella are suspenseful and intimate

New releases are in at Bella Books! And, these new titles for August are absolutely not to be missed. From cowgirls falling in love to two couples getting a second chance at love, these books are full of suspenseful and intimate moments that will keep you turning pages.

And don’t forget to pick up our titles that were July new releases while you’re at it!

Cowgirl 101 by Laina Villenueve

Jo loves summer because it means she can get away from annoying things like human and back to what she really loves: her mules, her dog, and the backcountry. When a cutie with no clue shows up, Jo doesn’t have the patience to show her the ropes. Daisy was hired to work in a café, but what she really wants is to ride through the High Sierras. Well, that and to get Jo to respect her or at least tolerate her many questions. While working together, the two women find themselves tested by the trail and by each other. Can frustration and fear lead to love for this odd couple?

Don’t miss Laina Villenueve’s great essay about writing her new release Cowgirl 101 by reflecting on the past.

Following Chance by Baxter Brown

Kate and Lauren fell in love instantly when they met during college. When Kate leaves town in part due to her uncertainty, Lauren is left heartbroken. Fifteen years later, Kate returns with her ten-year-old to try to recapture the feeling of her college glory days. Meanwhile, Lauren now owns the local café and has her own ten-year-old to manage. Kate and Lauren try to avoid each other, but their children’s budding friendship brings them closer together. Will they follow their kids’ lead to find a second chance at love?

Read Baxter Brown’s heartfelt, powerful essay on the importance of slow burn romance to LGBTQ+ communities and how that applies to her new release.

Assault in Asheville by Kate Merrill

In the newest Amanda Rittenhouse Mystery, we catch up with Amanda as she leaves her partner Sara behind for the magic of Asheville, NC. All Amanda wants to do is find a nice art studio in a town known for its art scene, but instead, she finds herself surrounded by suspicious strangers: a predatory traveling companion, secretive artists, a widow with her sights on riches, a Chicago gangster, a burly stalker, and a surfer dude who is way too charming to not be up to something. When Sara arrives in town hoping to reconcile, Amanda is both frustrated and relieved to have an ally she hopes she can trust. Can they solve the deadly mysteries brewing around Amanda and find a new path forward as a couple? Do we all really get second chances?

Make sure to check out Kate Merrill’s delightful essay about the role of setting in her new release, Assault in Asheville.

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