April’s new releases are fierce and fabulous

It’s new release time and we have two debut Bella authors sharing their talents alongside one of our beloved veteran writers.


Terrible Praise by Lara Hayes

You’ve seen Lara’s writing on the blog, but now she’s here with her thrilling debut novel, Terrible Praise. In this first book of the Redamancy Series, we meet five hundred year old vampire, Stela, a dangerous beauty who has traded in her past soaked in blood and violence, to be her family’s financial liaison. An electrifying chance run in with nurse Elizabeth Dumas, changes everything for Stela and sets the Redamancy series into motion. Prepare yourselves for this taught and tense thriller.


A Chance in Time by Naomi Lance

What if you had a chance to go back in time and change your destiny? That’s what happens to Jaime Ander when she wakes up after a night of drinking and finds herself eight years in the past. Can she finally confess her feelings for one true love, Audrey Walker, and save Audrey’s life as well? Check out this time-traveling romance by debut author Naomi Lance, today.

Listen to Your Heart by Becky Harmon

Becky Harmon’s latest romance brings Attorney Jemini Rivers back to the home town she left many years before. When her grandmother dies, Jemini returns to her family’s estate and comes face to face with feelings she’s been trying to run from for years. Also there is Deputy Steph Williams who never left her beloved town…or gave up hope that one day Jemini would return.

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