“Anne +” is a fun and sexy new webseries out of the Netherlands

I love when I stumble across a gem in my unending search for queer content. Anne + is one of those gems that fell into my lap when I opened my Youtube this week. The series, a fun and sexy webseries out of the Netherlands was written by Maud Wiemeijer and directed by Valerie Bisscheroux, is about a young woman named Anne living in Amsterdam and recalling the love affairs of her life, one episode at a time.

Hanna van Vilet plays the titular Anne, who is so painfully relatable, you’ll be swooning over her one moment, and burying your face in your hands with secondhand frustration the next. Anne has recently graduated university and moved into her own place, and on the first day, wouldn’t you know she runs right into her first love, Lily (and her partner, Doris). From there we watch Anne walk through life with one foot in the future and the other in the past, remembering former loves like the impulsive and destructive Janna, or her much older former married boss, Esther.

The series has a little bit of that High Fidelity movie feel, and a great soundtrack to boot. According to the official Youtube page, Anne+ Season 2 will move from the web to television starting 3/3 and will air weekly on station NPO3. Not sure what this will mean for fans outside of The Netherlands but I’ll keep you updated.

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  • Es
    Posted February 16, 2020 2:43 pm 0Likes

    It’s a great series and I’m very happy Season 2 is almost here! I’ve read that S1&2 have been sold to UK television (channel 4) which is awesome!

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