Age is nothing but a number in Genevieve Fortin’s “Dingo’s Recovery”

Dingo’s Recovery is a May-December romance that explores how age isn’t always a good way to evaluate how accomplished, mature, secure, or fragile a person might actually feel. The old can be young at heart and the young can grow old too fast. And sometimes, a fifty-six-year old and a thirty-two-year old might find themselves in a common place where they fall in love and their love makes perfect sense, despite their age difference.

At fifty-six, Joyce doesn’t recognize or like the person she’s become after a twenty-eight-year relationship with her late wife and decides to start fresh. She reconnects with the person she was in her early twenties, with her dreams and aspirations. She’s ready for a change, for a new life. It’s not easy and she makes mistakes along the way, but she’s convinced it’s not too late for her to be the person she was meant to be.

Serious and loner Amanda, on the other hand, was forced to grow up quickly due to her family situation. Her life of routine and isolation make her feel safe and in control. She’s satisfied with that existence until she meets Joyce and realizes her strict discipline leaves no room for romance, which has always seemed too risky and complicated in the past. She wants to open up to love, but she’s never learned how.

Both women meet when Joyce’s dog gets hurt and she takes him to the new veterinarian in town, Amanda. Their story takes place during the time it takes for Dingo to recover from his leg injury, but can Joyce and Amanda help each other recover from their own injuries at the same time?

Dingo’s Recovery is available now!

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