A young lesbian and her newly out bisexual mother have a lot to process in new webseries, “Queering”

I watch a lot of LGBTQ content. A LOT. Youtube knows this (and probably my blood type too) and recently recommended that I check out a new series called Queering. Without much press or fanfare, Queering has quietly managed to score over 130k viewers for its first episode, which is impressive for any new webseries. So what’s the deal with Queering? Well, it’s really good.


Created by Leticia De Bortoli, the series stars Sophia Graso as Harper, a lesbian in her mid-twenties who is just trying to live her best life. She has a quirky best friend, Devon (the delightful Diana Oh), who she can share her exploits with, and she’s coming into her own. When her mother Val (Susan Gallagher) shows up for a lunch, Harper finds out that not only are her parents splitting up, but that her mother has come out as bisexual. In a big way. On Youtube.

Harper finds herself in a unique position: trying to support her mother, while confronting her own prejudices about bisexuality and what it means to see her mother in a totally new way. Thankfully Devon is there to act as a buffer, and quickly call out Harper when she dismisses her mother’s sexuality or feelings.



Queering is about much more than sexuality, however. It’s about the moment that all children must experience, when they realize that their parents are people too. Whether you are a teenager, in your twenties, or your sixties, it’s an experience that cracks you wide open and allows you to evolve in your relationship with a parent. For Harper, it comes with more that she expects. For Val, being able to connect with her daughter in the midst of a huge life change is vital.

Queering now has five episodes you can check out, with stellar performances, smart and witty writing, and a plot we don’t often get to see. You can subscribe to their Youtube channel now and watch anytime.


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