A special message from Crystal Chappell for Bella Media Channel readers

As you probably know, Beacon Hill the Series is trying to get Season Two funded and made. Jessica and Linda Hill of Bella are the creators of this series and after a few years hiatus, they are bringing the political romance back! Filming starts in September and the Indiegogo campaign is still going strong. They are 70% funded but need your help to get all the way there. One of Beacon Hill‘s stars and producer, the amazing Crystal Chappell, has a little message just for Bella Media Channel readers.

And speaking of perks, Beacon Hill does have some terrific ones (I scored the whiskey tumblers myself). One of the special perks is the Book Lovers Unite. For a $100 pledge you can get a new Bella ebook every month for a year, and for $185 you can get the paperback edition of a new Bella book delivered to you! There are also t-shirts, phone calls with the stars, drinks in Vegas with Crystal and much more! Check it all out here.

You can now watch Season One for free this weekend.

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