A real life lesbian romance novel: US and Canadian hockey rivals tie the knot

Huge congratulations to Gillian Apps and Meghan Duggan on their nuptials! The women have made a lot of headlines this week for their backstory: the two are Canadian and US hockey stars (and rivals) who are now a happily married couple. It’s the stuff out of a lesbian romance novel…literally….but we’ll get to that later.


Hold on, RB! We’re getting there! Apps and Duggan have gold medals to their names, and now they also have something even more precious. The two played against each other in the Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 games, but Apps retired before the PyeongChang games where the USA won the gold against, you guessed it, Canada.

You can watch highlights of their 2014 medal match here.



There were hockey players aplenty from both sides who attended the wedding, including three of Duggan’s teammates who served as bridesmaids. Ain’t love grand!

So yes, this is the stuff that romance novels are made of, and if you you’re goal (get it) is to read a fictional story about rival USA and Canadian hockey players that fall in love, check out Tracey Richardson‘s Delay of Gameon sale now to celebrate love on and off the ice. Here’s the description:

Passion and patriotism sizzle on the ice at the Winter Olympics.

It’s been a dozen years since two of the world’s best women hockey players, Niki Hartling and Eva Caruso, first competed against each other in the Olympic Games.

The pressure of the intense USA/Canada rivalry forced an end to their love affair, and both women moved on—Niki to coach and to marry, Eva to stretch out a playing career that her ravaged body can barely sustain anymore.

The Games are upon them once again. Eva wants one last chance to beat the Canadians and win hockey’s biggest prize. Niki, now a widow and single mother, strives to coach her country to gold, even as the obstacles against her mount. The locker room seems to have ears and there are few people Niki and Eva can trust.

Rivals and former lovers on hockey’s biggest stage, will Niki and Eva feel the same spark that first brought them together? And can they win on—and off—the ice with the whole world watching?

*Feature photo via Meghan Duggan’s Instagram

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