A look back on our 2017 publications

Romance, mystery, thrillers, erotica: Bella has it all. 2017 saw releases in all genres, with dashing debuts and ravishing returns. Here’s a look back at all of the new releases for 2017, and as a special bonus, Bella is doing a sale on many of these books this weekend, plus some debut authors from 2016.

January 2017


Constellations by Meghan Diane

We’re thrilled to have Meghan Diane’s debut novel, Constellations, premiering this January with Bella Books. Traveling photographer Aurora has pledged not to get involved with another woman for six months, but when Rugby player and astronomy buff Phoenix comes into her life, will Aurora be able to resist falling?


Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes

Another Bella new author debut! Set during the oppressive DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) period in the US military, Captain Sabine Fleischer is feeling the pain of serving in silence while risking her life as a surgeon in a Afghanistan combat hospital. Things get even more complicated when Sabine can’t stop thinking about Colonel Rebecca Keane, her superior officer, and her feelings of attraction may just be reciprocated.


Erased by Robbi McCoy

Robbi McCoy’s newest novel is a thrilling sci-fi romance. Imagine chasing a bad guy one moment, and ending up two hundred years in the future, the next. That’s exactly what happens to police officer Dani Barsetti, who is now tasked with taking out a dangerous terrorist. Being in the future has wiped out all traces of Dani in the present, including the life she made with her wife, Gemma. Dani has two weeks before she’s sent back to the future on her mission to try and reconnect with Gemma, and possibly, just possibly fall in love all over again.


New Additions by Becky Harmon

Former cop and foster parent, Cassie Thomas, is about to meet her match in foster care worker, Kathleen Masters. Well, make that Kathleen and the four teenage girls she’d like to place in Cassie’s care. Will Cassie’s quiet life at her vacation resort be turned upside down by a quartet of new family members and a possible new romance?


February 2017


Delay of Game by Tracey Richardson

Niki Hartling and Eva Caruso are former Olympic hockey competitors, and lovers, torn apart by the pressures of the game. Twelve years later, the women find themselves thrust into each others lives again, now as player and rival coach. Sparks and ice will fly when these two deal with their buried feelings for each other.


Consequences by Sarah Libero


This debut novel by Sarah Libero features Emily, a closeted wife and mother, who loses her husband in what appears to be an accident. When Emily’s path crosses with Detective Kay DeLorme, an undeniable instant attraction ignites, and long hidden feelings rise to the surface. As their relationship deepens, so does Kay’s case and their decisions will have serious consequences.


Party Favors by Jaime Clevenger

This choose your own adventure erotica is a must have. You find yourself at a party full of gorgeous women, and each decision you make will lead to a different sexy and sensual conclusion.


Milgrane: Embracing the Sapphire by Y.L. Wigman

A massive diamond theft is at the center of this romantic thriller. Constable Taite O’Dath of the Australian Federal Police is on the international hunt for the diamonds. Could the owner of the diamonds, Sabine Zaffiro, actually be involved in the theft? And will she also steal Taite’s heart?


March 2017


Stay With Me by Sheryl Wright

In this follow-up to the popular romance, Don’t Let Go, Tyler Marsh and Georgie DiNamico are back as  fiancées and business partners in the DiNamico -Phipps Company. Thinking that the drama is behind them, the couple goes about planning their wedding, but circumstances arise that could derail everything.  Lori Phipps, also a successful businesswoman, gets thrown for a loop when she meets someone unlike anyone else she’s known before.

In the Company of Crocodiles by Maggie Brown 

Former Australian Secret Service officer Vivian Andrews stumbles upon a body in her sleepy fishing village, and becomes embroiled in a murderous mystery. She’s recruited to help find a missing person by behavioral scientist Claire Walker, and it’s not long before the attraction between Vivian and Claire rises to the surface. But is Claire hiding something? Vivian aims to find out.


No One But You by Catherine Maorisi

After the heartbreak of being left at the altar, novelist Lily Alexander is a little gun-shy about getting back into the dating scene. Enter Robin DiLuca, a sexy butch entrepreneur who is looking for fun, but not love. Of course, the instant connection between the two leads to something serious. However, when their baby is born early, Robin’s past comes back to haunt her and she flees, thinking it’s best for her love and their child. Can an encounter with a stranger bring these two back together?


Murder at Metrolina by Kate Merrill

Artist Amanda Rittenhouse returns to her childhood home in North Carolina to nurse a broken heart. She rents a space in the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo, and starts to mend her own heart and her relationships with the family she left at 18. Amanda’s mom fancies herself a Nancy Drew and soon the Rittenhouse women have a major mystery on their hands.


April 2017


Speak in Winter Code by S.M. Harding

S.M. Harding’s latest romantic thriller picks up after the events of I Will Meet You There and A Woman of Strong Purpose. Colonel Win Kirkland and Sheriff Sarah Pitt are recently married and looking to add to their family, but when a network of dangerous people decide to use McCrumb County as home base, Win and Sarah must spring into action to take them down.


A Secret to Tell by Ann Roberts

Goldie Winner and Lambda Literary finalist Ann Roberts is back with her sixth book in the popular Ari Adams mystery series. When an attorney who is the keeper of many secrets ends up murdered, real estate agent Ari Adams and her girlfriend P.I. Molly Nelson start investigating in their own ways. There are five women in town who have a lot to hide, and will Molly and Ari be able to get to the bottom of the murder before becoming targets themselves?


Homecoming by Celeste Castro

This is Celeste Castro’s debut novel with Bella! Bestselling author Dusty Del Carmen is invited to speak at a conference in her old home state of Idaho, a place fraught with many unpleasant memories. Enter Professor Morgan West, a fan of Dusty’s and her unexpected companion when the two women become trapped in a rustic cabin together. Perhaps Morgan can find a way to help Dusty finally face the pain of her past.


May 2017


Nico and Tucker by Rachel Gold

In this sequel to Gold’s Just Girls, Jess Tucker is back and trying to heal from the wounds of the last year’s trauma. Nico is going through a crisis of their own, as a medical situation becomes impossible to ignore alongside pressure from their family. When Tucker and Nico get close, will Tucker be able to deal with her feelings, or will the familiar urge to run away take over?


Sawmill Springs by Gerri Hill

Gerri Hill is back with a new mystery! Homicide detective Mandi Murphy thought she was getting away from her stressful life as a Houston cop by taking up in the peaceful and quaint Sawmill Springs. Same for FBI agent Kayla Dixon who took a job offer from her police chief father and hoped for a quieter life. Everything was going great until a prominent citizen of the sleepy town is murdered. Now Mandi and Kayla will have to team up to find a killer and deal with their growing attraction for one another in the process.


Choosing Love by MB Panichi

Lesbian novelist/newspaper editor Amry Marasich is visiting her hometown of Northern Minnesota when she meets forestry officer Takoda Running Bear. The women are instantly drawn to one another, but Amry’s homophobic family makes it hard for her to want to return to this small town for good. Can their love survive the obstacles of intolerance and distance?


The Winder Path by Lyn Dowland

Veterinarian Gillian Pembury finds refuge in a small town in Northern England. She’d all but given up hope of a social life when farmwoman Sandi Helton came in with her life displaying an intoxicating mix of strength and compassion. Danger lurks however, threatening to derail this passionate romance.


June 2017


Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague

Humanity is unaware of the secret world of supernatural creatures that live among them, and a special force of genetically engineered hunters makes sure it stays that way. When hunter Hunter Mary Alice Nolan and werewolf Ruri Samson- sworn enemies- come face to face, the unexpected happens.


Water’s Edge by Genevieve Fortin

This historical romance takes readers back to the late 1800s, where Emilie Levesque and Angeline Fournier forge a bond while working together in a textile mill. That bond is what keeps them strong under the back breaking conditions of the mill, and the oppressive expectations of women during that time. The women are eventually separated but fate will bring them together once again.


Taken In by Erica Abbott

CJ St. Clair thought she left the past behind her when she left Savannah for Colorado. However, CJ is forced to return to her hometown and try to solve a murder case and keep her family together at the same time. CJ’s partner Alex is also dealing with the fallout from a murder, but one that happened many years ago. Can CJ and Alex find a way through this together?


July 2017

Conference Call by various

This short story anthology by twenty-eight Bella authors features stories of women who find themselves immersed in drama, romance and intrigue, all the while attending their favorite cons, conferences and events.  Conference Callis an anthology to benefit the Golden Crown Literary Society.


Moment of Weakness by KG MacGregor 

After receiving an award for valor, and a career ending injury, Captain Suzann “Zann” Redeker heads back home from Afghanistan to Vermont. What Zann discovers something disturbing about the day she was injured and lost one of her team, her whole world is turned upside down. Will her partner Marleigh stand by her?


No More Pretending by Bette Hawkins 

Actress Lauren Langham has her hands full with her biggest role to date — pretending to be straight. When she travels to small town Texas to shoot a new film, she meets Harper Ward and is instantly smitten. Harper mistakes Lauren’s attraction for arrogance, and when she’s hired as the director’s assistant, the two women find themselves butting heads and making sparks.


Skin in the Game by Melissa Price 

In this sequel to 2015’s Steel Eyes, super spy Kenna Waverly is back and living quietly in Jamaica. She’s called back into service to help find the people behind a hack into America’s cyber security. She’s put together with a woman named Alice, who Kenna shares a past with. Along the way as they play this dangerous game, Kenna learns more about what happened to her parents, while putting her own life on the line.


In Her Eyes by Renee J. Lukas

The sequel to the best-selling Hurricane Days is finally here! Rock star Adrienne Austen is ready to open up about her relationship with former Governor Robin Sanders. Since then, Robin has gone into hiding while Adrienne continues her rise to the top. But where is Robin? Was “bad girl” Adrienne involved in her disappearance?


August 2017


Fire Dancer by Micheala Lynn

Having grown up sheltered, Sarah has only just begun discovering her true self. Totally uninterested in the men her family has been trying to set her up with, Sarah finds her interested piqued by a fire dancer named Jewel Black, or to her audiences, Enigma.


Visiting Hours by Tagan Shepard

In Tagan Shepard’s Bella debut, we meet history professor Alison Reynolds, who has it all pretty much figured out…or so she thinks. That’s until West Coast doctor Jess comes careening into her life. At first they clash, but under all that irritation lies a pesky attraction that won’t seem to go away.


Pixie by D Jordan Redhawk

This new novel by D Jordan Redhawk deals with the events started by her previous protagonist, Darkstone. With the veil between our dimension of the mystical realm finally pierced, humankind is dealing with all kinds of unexpected consequences. When Gillie flees from England and ends up in Portland, she meets Lindsay, a beautiful and kind woman with a shock of blue hair. However, falling for someone is hard enough when you aren’t being chased down by mystical creatures across an ocean.


Echo Point by Virginian Hale

Another Bella debut! After the sudden death of her sister, Libby, a grieving Bron comes back to Australia to take care of her young niece, Annie. When Libby’s best friend Ally comes in to the picture, Bron can’t help but bristle at Ally’s sudden presence in her family’s life. Just when Bron thinks of taking Annie back with her to Boston, a wild fire begins raging nearby and Bron realizes just how important Ally might be to her after all.


September  2017

A Time to Speak by Riley Scott

In Riley Scott’s newest, closeted Amelia Brandt’s best friend and sometimes lover is murdered in their small Texas town, and Amelia’s world is sent spinning. When LGBTQ activist Dominique Velez arrives in town to help with the healing process, Amelia is drawn to Dominique’s passion and charm. Will this stranger help Amelia finally come out and embrace herself?


Illegal Contact by Becky Harmon

When security agent Jamison Krews is asked by a longtime friend to protect her little sister and Tallahassee Tigers star player, Shea Carter, Jamison can’t say no. Can Jamison earn the quarterback’s trust (and maybe more) while protecting her from people who don’t want Shea or the Tigers to succeed?


Chain Letter by Claire McNab

The ninth book in the Carol Ashton series is back by popular demand. In this novel, Detective Carol Ashton is investigating the murder of a fellow officer, and finds a link to other unsolved homicides: a threatening chain letter.


A Fugitive’s Kiss by Jaime Clevenger

When Aysha’s discovers a mysterious fugitive named Darin taking cover in her barn, the women’s first meeting is less than ideal. However, when Aysha is also threatened by the people after Darin, they must flee and learn to work together to defeat their pursuers.


October 2017

Turbulence by E.J. Noyes

Stockbroker Isabelle Rhodes is trying to get over a broken heart, and has her first ever one-night stand. The night was amazing, but the last thing she expected the morning after was for the woman to be the new company pilot, Audrey Graham. Isabelle is determined to keep it professional, but with someone as fun and alluring as Audrey, it won’t be easy.


Vagabond Heart by Ann Roberts

Contractor Quinn O’Sullivan doesn’t stay in one place too long, so when a request arrives from her recently deceased travel writer aunt, she hits Route 66 to carry out her wishes. When an injury threatens to derail the adventure, emergency room doctor Suda Singh offers to accompany Quinn on the road. A mystery woman, a couple of cats, and falling in love just might be on the map.


Bait and Switch by Blythe H. Warren

When marine biologist Liv Cucinelli comes face to face with the homophobic woman who ruined her college career, she’s less than thrilled to spend an evening with her. Mira Butler has no clue of the havoc she wreaked on on Liv’s life, so when she see has a chance meeting with her, she won’t let Liv walk away. The two women will uncover their shared past, and with some forgiveness and understanding, perhaps they can find a way to be friends…or maybe even more.


Past Due and Set Up by Claire McNab

Follow the investigations and adventures of Detective Carol Ashton in the newly reissued books ten and eleven of the beloved mystery series. The murder of a reproductive specialist and the hunt for a hired killer take center stage in these novels.


November 2017


The Secret Pond by Gerri Hill

In this new novel by bestselling author Gerri Hill, two grieving widows find a connection with each other. After losing her family, Lindsey McDermott moves to her grandparents’ home in small town Texas to deal with her survivor’s guilt. After Hannah Larson’s husband dies, she too moves to the same Texas town. Her son Jack bonds with Lindsey, and even after he returns to school in the fall, Lindsey continues to come by and their friendship grows deeper than either of them expected.


My Forever Hero by Karen Legasy

Debut author Karen Legasy transports readers to Australia with Canadian police officer Marlee Nevin. After a surfing accident nearly takes her life, Marlee is rescued by the captivating Abigail Taylor. Soon after, Abigail is framed with tampering with research at her biosystems firm, and asks Marlee to help her. Can Marlee return the favor and save Abigail this time, even as their attraction smolders beneath the surface?


The Schuyler House by Cade Haddock Strong

Another Bella debut! Mattie Pearson has a big secret that she’s kept from everyone. That includes Alex Holland, a friend who Mattie longs for something more with. As Mattie’s past deeds eat away at her, she struggles with the decision to tell Alex the truth. Will her honesty cause her to lose the woman she’s falling in love with?


Under SuspicionDeath Club, and Accidental Murder by Claire McNab


Here are three more Carol Ashton re-releases by Claire McNab. We are rereleasing the entire Carol Ashton series in eBook format, and you can read books 1-14 now.


December 2017


Dreams Unspoken by RJ Layer 

Cowgirl, take me away! Horse trainer Jo Marchal has returned to her Ohio hometown to try and reconnect with her family, and do a little healing herself. While there, she meets Maria West, a woman who dreams of love and family. Could these two women find what’s been missing in their lives, in each other?


Heartsick by Tracey Richardson

In Richardson’s new medical drama, paramedic Angie Cullen and ER doctor Victoria Turner find out that their respective partners have been cheating…with each other. Brokenhearted at the betrayal, Angie and Victoria become unlikely allies and lean on each other. Can these women learn to trust each other enough to fall?


Lethal Care by Claire McNab with Katherine V. Forrest

The long awaited conclusion of the Carol Ashton series is finally here. Detective Inspector Carol Ashton has been promoted to Chief Inspector, and finds herself in charge of two massive cases. The death of wealthy philanthropist Greta Denby and investigating officer Inspector Ian Rooke seem to be connected, and it’s up to Carol Ashton to find the links. If anyone can do it, she can.


All of these books and more are available on bellabooks.com.

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