7 Bella books set in winter to warm you up

It’s pretty chilly out there for many of us, and what better that a little steamy romance or thriller to warm you right up. These seven ebooks are on sale for a limited time too, so check it out.


Speak in Winter Code by S.M. Harding

In this sequel to I Will Meet You There and A Woman of Strong Purpose, retired Marine Corps Colonel Win Kirkland and Sheriff Sarah Pitt have just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary and are looking forward to adopting two little girl from Afghanistan.  A blizzard is on the way, but it’s shadowy network of operatives that pose the greater threat to the couple.




Winterkill by Joyce K. Walsh

A fridgid winter in 1930s New England is the setting for this suspensful period piece. When Madeline’s dearest friend dies under mysterious circumstances, she vows to reveal the true cause.




Kindling for the Heart by Karen Legasy

Forestry consultant Josephine Lavigne is happy living a quiet life in Northern Canada with her trusty dog Mollie by her side. When lawyer Samantha White comes to town for some R&R, she’s ill-equipped to handle the harsh winter conditions and requires rescue by Josephine. After being snowed in together for two days, the women forge an unlikely friendship and a major spark.




Snow Falls by Gerri Hill

Writer Jennifer Kincaid is on her way to a writer’s workshop when she gets stranded by an avalanche in Colorado. Catherine Ryan Barrett just wants a little peace and quiet at her secluded cabin, and is surprised to find herself with an unexpected roommate and stranded in the snow. After two months together, they are rescued, but not before they have forged an unbreakable bond and attraction.




Delay of Game by Tracey Richardson

The 2010 Winter Olympics is the backdrop for this sizzling romance. Canadian hockey star Niki Hartling is now coaching her team to an Olympic gold medal, but her former lover Eva Caruso is never far from her mind as the American player is aiming for gold herself on the opposing team.




Painted Moon by Karin Kallmaker

Architect Jackie and renowned artist Leah find themselves trapped by a snowstorm in a cabin. Their unique circumstances bring about healing and an unexpected love affair, even as they struggle to understand where the other is coming from.



Taken By Surprise by Kenna White

Corporate lawyer Leigh Insley decides to take a much needed break to enjoy her beautiful Aspen retreat, and soon she meets Margo Tosch, who does pretty much every winter job from snow plower to ski instructor. An opposites attract love stoey against the backdrop of a snowy winter wonderland.

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