6 reasons why “Barbelle” will have you singing

After what seems like an eternity…

Barbelle is finally available for the world to see! The webseries is the brainchild of Karen Knox and Gwenlyn Cumyn, who play girlfriends and bandmates, Veronica and Alice, who rise to fame only to have it destroy their relationship. After two years of Instagraming and vlogging their every move, Alice breaks up with Veronica, just before they are supposed to start writing their new album. Oops. This supremely smart and funny webseries has a serious side, and shows itself to you when the time is right. As if you needed a reason to watch Barbelle, I’m giving you six.


1. Karen Knox as Veronica Vale is perfection: Knox may not be as familiar of a face as her co-star, but be prepared to enjoy the hell out of her. Knox plays Veronica as a snarking, self-obsessed diva one moment, but will strip her bare and show you Veronica’s aching heart the next. It’s a masterful performance. Knox has impeccable comedic timing, and I hope we get to see much more of her in the future.

2. Gwenlyn Cumyn is captivating. Viewers will recognize Cumyn from her leading role on the A4O webseries, but freed from the confines of her webcam, Cumyn gets to really strut her stuff. Infatuated with new scenester Lulu (the very fun Cynthia Hicks) and conflicted about her love for longtime girlfriend and bandmate, Veronica, Cumyn’s Alice has just the right balance of wanting and waiting.

3. The supporting cast is hilarious. From the blustering blowhard Richard (AJ Vaage), to the no-nonsense manager Karen (Naomi Gaskin), the supporting cast hits the right notes and provides a solid background to these feuding exes.


4. The music rocks. “Oh please ask about me, ask about me.” I dare you not to get these songs stuck in your head.


5. It’s written, directed, and produced by women. Knox and Cumyn are both writers and producers for the show. Knox directed an episode, while Kelly Paoli directed the rest. The dialogue is razor sharp, the direction full of female and queer gaze, and don’t even get me started on the costumes. Le crush.


6. It’s You’re The Worst for lesbians. If you are a fan of You’re the Worst, you’ll love Barbelle. Alice and Veronica are not your average heroines. They are difficult, sometimes unlikable, but always lovable.


Barbelle is now available on KindaTV, and new episodes drop on Mondays at 11am EST.

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