6 books about queer workplace romances

Why do we love queer workplace romances? Maybe because they make us believe that “the one” could be anyone—including someone you work with! Below we’ve gathered six of our favorite books about queer workplace romances. Who knows maybe you do work with the one and just don’t know it yet…

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Fare Game by Cade Haddock Strong

When Kay finds herself swept up in a scheme to swindle customers and investors at the airline where she works, she has no choice but to get further into the thick of things—and bring them down from within. Riley, a brilliant hottie who works in finance at the airline, also wants to bring down the ringleader and his evil plans—if she happens to fall for Kay along the way, well, that can only make them stronger, right? In a race against time, Kay and Riley will both have to decide what they’re willing to risk to bring the truth to light.

Love by the Numbers by Karin Kallmaker

Love at first sight is one thing, but can two professionals get over hate at first sight? Professor Nicole Hathaway is being sent on a book tour to share her new research about humans and human sexuality—and she really would rather not go. Add to that the fact that a string of incompetent assistants are driving her up the wall, and you’ve got one grumpy behavioral scientist. Lillian needs a job and to get away from the hubbub around her (corrupt) American royalty parents. If she has to work with a grumpy professor to do so, she can live with that. From the moment they meet, both are sure the other doesn’t know who they’re dealing with—but neither can deny that their hatred is feeling more and more like something else.

Out of Love by KG MacGregor

Carmen and Judith are dedicated travel industry professionals who fall in love—and that’s where their similarities end. In this queer workplace romance, Carmen is the owner and CEO of a large travel industry consulting firm while Judith is struggling with her rapidly shrinking career as a travel agent. Falling in love is the easy part for these lovebirds, but staying together? That will take more than a little effort. Judith will have to learn how to let herself be happy—while balancing her duty to care for her family. And Carmen? Well, she’s got to learn how to let go of the secret, unrequited love she’s been holding onto for as long as she can remember. Can they make the leap to stay in love?

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Fragmentary Blue by Erica Abbott

When C.J. starts her new job with Internal Affairs, she meets Alex, the head of the Detective Unit. Far from home in Savannah, C.J.’s southern charms throw Captain Ryan for a loop. Their romantic options are destroyed when a murder and a scandal erupt under Alex’s command. Mounting evidence stands between C.J. and Alex. Can they cross the divide to embrace their forbidden attraction?

Lexington Connection by M. E. Logan

The daughter of a crime boss and a cop make the perfect pair, right? Well, maybe not so much. When Diana and Officer Jessica Ann Galbreath share a wild one-night stand, they have no idea they’re on opposite sides of the law. But, wow, are they a match made in heaven when it comes to the bedroom. Their passion burns hot, but when they go back for more, they realize there’s no future for them. All that remains is their Lexington connection.

Devil’s Rock by Gerri Hill

When two women vow to bring a killer to justice, they aren’t planning to fall in love. After leaving behind the horrors of the LAPD, Andrea finds herself facing the serial murders of college students in Sedona. The FBI joins the case and Cameron is in charge. She has one mission: to catch the killer whose trademark signature is all over the crime scenes. Now, if she could just get Andrea out of her head…

Enjoy these queer workplace romances–all on sale right now!

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