6 books about queer front line heroes

With the pandemic sweeping across the world, it can be difficult to feel hopeful, so we’ve gathered six books about queer frontline heroes that you can pick up as eBooks right now. While you’re waiting to throw open your shutters and applaud those who are risking their lives every day to fight this pandemic and save lives, read these stories about brave, powerful, and insightful queer heroes.

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Visiting Hours by Tagan Shepard

Alison is a self-possessed history professor who knows what she wants from life. She’s stable in every sense of the word—and completely unlike Jess. Jess is an impulsive and self-confident doctor who can be a bit arrogant. When Jess moves from the West Coast to Richmond, Virginia, she and Alison keep running into each other. Even as fate pushes them together and Jess tries to get Alison’s attention, Alison tries to resist. Will she let herself fall for a free spirit who doesn’t really care what others think about her?

Heartsick by Tracey Richardson

This unforgettable medical romance centers around Dr. Victoria Turner, a ER physician, and Angie Cullen, a paramedic and former soldier. Both Vic and Angie have spent their lives helping others, but they find themselves heartbroken and at a loss when a car accident reveals the truth about each of their relationships. Vic’s wife has been sleeping with Angie’s partner, something they only find out when the two arrive at the ER together. Angie and Vic become wary allies as they try to recover from this betrayal. But can they trust one another enough to let their hearts heal together?

Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes

Sabine is a skilled and dedicated surgeon with the U.S. Army. She’s deployed to a combat hospital in Afghanistan and though she’s usually focused, the battle raging inside and outside is making Sabine’s life more difficult. Facing mortality daily, lacking privacy, sleep deprived, and isolated because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Sabine is having a hard time holding it together. Plus, her relationship back home is crumbling and the career officer in charge of the surgical unit has been catching her eye. There’s no way these stolen glances, secret smiles, and accidental hand brushes with Colonel Rebecca Keane mean anything…or do they?

Devil’s Rock by Gerri Hill

When Andrea left LA, she thought she’d left behind high pressure, high profile cases, but when a serial killer targets college students in her new town, she’s the one who has to track down the killer. But, they don’t quite have enough resources in picturesque Sedona, so the FBI sends Agent Cameron Ross to help on the case. Cameron immediately recognizes the trademark signs of Patrick Doe, a serial killer who is well known by detectives. And, though no one has ever caught him before, Cameron plans to change that. But it turns Andrea isn’t just a great detective, she’s one hell of a distraction. And Patrick Doe? Well, he has plans of his own.

A Matter of Blood by Catherine Maiorisi

Chiara, a NYPD detective, goes undercover, but when she’s asked to kill, she blows her cover without finding the dirty cops she’s been investigating. Now she’s the one who’s a target. P.J. Parker only wants to work in the homicide division and that means she needs to learn from the best. And the best is Chiara, even if she’s currently the most hated detective in the NYPD. Chiara needs P.J. so she doesn’t get stuck on desk duty and Chiara is P.J.’s only shot at working in homicide. Can they work together to solve a brutal murder, identify the dirty cops, and keep Chiara’s family safe?

A Matter of Blood is A Chiara Corelli Mystery (Book 1).

Lexington Connection by M. E. Logan

Diana is the daughter of a crime boss who is only in Lexington to help her father. So, when she hooks up someone to pass the time, she has no idea her lady love is cop. Jessie has no idea Diana is in organized crime. But their passion is undeniable and white hot. There’s no reason they should have ever met, but though neither of them should be coming back for more, their attraction is to magnetic for them to stay away. Star-crossed lovers for a modern world, Diana and Jessie seem to have no future, just the lingering romance of the Lexington Connection.

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