6 books about coping with social isolation

We humans are social beings. We like to gather, rub up on each other, and generally just hang out. But sometimes in snowstorms or during pandemics like COVID-19 we have to engage in social isolation, whether for our own safety or one another’s. Being stuck inside can be an intense experience, so we wanted to share six books where the main characters cope with social isolation. From dealing with weather changes to psychological experiments, these folks find a way to keep things interesting—and often quite steamy—even when stuck indoors. (And if you want even more steamy reads, check out 7 books set in winter to warm you up.

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Kindling for the Heart by Karen Legasy

Jo is perfectly content in her isolated life with her dog Mollie. But when she has to save a big city lawyer named Samantha from freezing during a snowstorm, she worries about the consequences of their being confined to a small space together. Sparks fly, but will they be enough to warm these two lovers with a history of heartbreak?

Snow Falls by Gerri Hill

When Jennifer gets stranded in the Colorado Rockies by an avalanche, she finds herself asking for help from a stranger. That stranger just so happens to be Catherine Ryan Barrett, a woman hiding from fame, fortune, and her family name. She introduces herself as Ryan—and over two months Jennifer and Ryan find themselves deeply attracted to one another. When the spring thaw begins, Jennifer returns to her life and the man who wants to marry her. She thinks about Ryan, but does Ryan ever think of her?

Homecoming by Celeste Castro

Bestselling author and sought-after speaker Destiny is invited to give a talk in her home state of Idaho. After the talk, she smothers her frustration about returning home—and unwanted memories from her past—in alcohol and the hot bartender from the lesbian bar. After a chance encounter, Destiny gets stuck in a rustic cabin with Morgan, a professor who attended Destiny’s talk because Destiny was speaking. Now that Destiny can’t run from her past, can she embrace the present and the attractive professor she’s stuck with?

Painted Moon by Karin Kallmaker

When Jackie gets stranded in a blizzard, she’s grateful for the rescue from the icy Leah. Leah had planned on a Thanksgiving alone and this unexpected guest puts a wrench in all her plans to avoid reality and all reminders of her former life. Leah’s days of being a nationally exhibited artist are behind her and she just wants to be allowed to grieve. Being snowbound together for a weekend changes both Jackie and Leah as they find an undeniable attraction makes them want to change their futures. But will their futures lead to one another or will one weekend be all they share?

Originally published in 1994, Painted Moon is a classic—don’t miss out on this special 25th anniversary edition that contains a new foreword and additional chapters about Jackie and Leah.

Alone by E.J. Noyes

If Celeste can spend four years in total isolation—no visual, physical, or virtual contact allowed—for a psychological experiment, she will get half a million dollars. She loves to be alone, so this seems like easy money. That is, until she meets an injured hiker, Olivia. As she struggles with the ethics of changing the experiment, Celeste can’t deny her attraction to Olivia, but can she trust her? Can she even trust herself after three years in isolation?

Rising Above by Genevieve Fortin

Ana, a geologist, is going to be staying at the White Sheep Inn for a while. She’s in town to study the effects of climate change and the rising sea levels, and she quickly develops a friendship with the innkeeper. The innkeeper’s granddaughter Melodie? Not so much. Melodie shares the same opinion of Ana who she sees as pompous and full of big theories that threaten Melodie’s way of life. They each want nothing more than to avoid the annoying, albeit attractive, stranger who just wandered into their lives. But when Mother Nature has different plans, they have to work together while stuck inside the inn.

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