5 novels about flings that become something more

There’s nothing quite like when a fling turns into something more—and who doesn’t love to read novels about flustered cuties falling in love? We’ve gathered five of our favorite novels about flings-turned-romances in one place—and that’s not all.

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Turbulence by E.J Noyes

Isabelle throws caution to the wind and has her first one-night stand, eager to cross that off her bucket list. But when she realizes that her lover Audrey is her company’s new pilot, she’s nervous about what that could mean for her. Being a high-powered stockbroker doesn’t mean Isabelle doesn’t have trust issues and reluctance about relationships. Isabelle is certain she can keep it to one night, but Audrey has other plans—as it seems does Isabelle’s libido. What will Isabelle do when she finds herself thinking of Audrey more often than she’d like?

Noyes also has a new release, Reaping the Benefits. Read about her writing process here.

The Killing Room by Gerri Hill

When Detective Jake McCoy runs into psychologist Nicole Westbrook while recovering from an on-the-job injury, she takes advantage of their paths crossing for one sexy night. The two know nothing about each other until Jake returns home to find herself pairing up with Nicole to solve a string of murders. The pure magnetism between the two threatens to mess up both their careers and the case. Can they solve these murders? And if they do, can they go their separate ways afterward?

Sea Legs by KG MacGregor

While on a relaxing cruise, a group of women end up in a love triangle—no wait, quadrangle. Kelly has big feelings for Natalie who she just so happens to be sharing a cabin with. But Natalie is focused on Didi, her ex. And, Didi? Didi’s still seeing her much younger partner Pamela. So what is Natalie to do? Well, pretend to date Kelly to make Didi jealous and want her back, obviously. It’s an old trick, but it’s a perennial favorite for a reason. Didi watches as Kelly pulls out all the stops to make Natalie happy and has to wonder if she missed her chance.

The Kiss that Counted by Karin Kallmaker

CJ stays ever-vigilant, keeping her secrets to herself. When she meets Karita, she wants to loosen her grip and find things like love, but that would be naïve. For Karita’s part, she’s happy to shower CJ in affection and attention without looking for more…until she sees something in CJ. There could be feelings here that are strong, deep, and dangerous. Can a kiss lead to more than a one-night stand for this unlikely couple?

Thursday Afternoons by Tracey Richardson

On Thursdays, Amy and Ellis meet up for no-strings attached sex. It’s an opportunity for the pair to forget the past, the present, and the future. These sexual encounters are just what Amy and Ellis need to release some tension. They’re both stressed out by their intense work lives and personal lives. Just when everything seems perfect, their lives outside the hotel room collide. What happens when they find out the truth about each other? Do they call it quits or do they become something more?

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