5 good (and gay) things that happened this week: 12/30-1/5

Happy New Year! It’s twenty gay-teen so lets get down to some good and gay things.


1. Ellen Page got married! Looks like “tiny Canadian” and openly gay actress Ellen Page has tied the knot with her girlfriend, dancer Emma Porter. The couple announced their union on Instagram (like ya do) this week, and they look pretty darn blissfully in love. Congratulations Ellen and Emma!


2. Karolina finally confessed her feelings to Nico on Runaways. Teen lesbian/rainbow alien Karolina got the courage to tell longtime friend, Nico, how she really felt. On this week’s Runaways (which just got the go for a second season), fearing that their mission to derail their parents’ plans might be deadly, Karolina kissed a surprised Nico. But even more surprising? Nico kissed her back before they were interrupted by another fledgling couple. This puts Nico, Karolina, and Alex in a love triangle as many fans guessed, but we probably won’t get to see how it all pans out until next season. The finale of Season 1 airs on Tuesday.



3. The official Season 2 trailer for One Day at a Time is here and it’s everything. Elena, Penelope, Alex, and Lydia will be back in two weeks on Netflix, but thankfully this official trailer is jam-packed with enough feels to get us through the wait. Elena has a possible girlfriend, and Abuela is coming around for sure, telling Elena, “You’re here, you’re queer, we’re used to it. Move on!” This show was one of the gems of 2017, and this season looks even better than the first.


Source: The CW

4. The CW’s Black Lightning gives us a sneak peek at lesbian superhero, Thunder. This week was a real treat when it comes to pop culture, and now we get to see one of the new LGBTQ characters on 2018 in all her glory. Thunder, real name Anissa, is the daughter of retired the superhero, Black Lightning. When daddy gets back to business, she reveals her own special powers and joins the fight. I just got chills. Stay tuned for more info after the show premieres on January 16th.



5. Out actress Sarah Paulson talks about her career and being in love with Holland Taylor. Paulson, who is arguably at the height of her career, has never much cared for discussing her private life, but she can’t help but profess her love to girlfriend Holland Taylor in an interview with Town and Country that came out this week. “Our relationship represents a certain amount of hope and risk,” she says. “Maybe there’s something brave in it. Maybe it encourages others to make brave choices.”

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