5 good (and gay) things that happened this week: 12/1-12/8

Oh boy, do we even need some good and gay news this week.


1. One Day at a Time pays homage to the original and gets a return date. The hit Netflix reboot of One Day at a Time returns on January 26th, and the cast told fans the news in a very fun way: by recreating the original show’s opening credits. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the newly out Elena Alvarez and her family.


2. Out actress Ali Liebert has a role in the new movie, Wonder. You’ll surely remember actress Ali Liebert from her scene-stealing lesbian munitions worker in Bomb Girls, or even as Crystal from Lost Girl, but this queer Canadian has been busy lately. Not only did she have a supporting role in Ten Days in the Valley and a new Hallmark holiday movie (alas, not as a lesbian lumberjack), but she’s also playing science teacher Ms. Petosa in the film adaptation of the best-selling novel, Wonder. Here’s Ali talking about working with the young actors and the impactful film.


3. Married couple Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito’s duo comedy album drops today! We all need a few laughs, and you will get plenty with these two talented lesbian comedians. Back to Back is available on iTunes now!


4. Netflix’s sex-positive Easy brings lesbian couple Chase and Jo back for Season 2. Last year, Easy debuted and introduced us to the adorable couple, Chase (Kiersey Clemons) and Jo (Jacqueline Toboni) in the episode, “Vegan Cinderella”  which is also arguably the show’s sweetest vignette. We meet up with the couple again in the new season, where Chase has gotten very interested in the art of burlesque, and Jo deals with unexpected feelings of jealousy. The episode also tackles Chase’s newfound passion and self-awareness, plus Jo’s feelings about her own feminist ideals, and how to support the woman she loves.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Rosa Diaz comes out as bisexual. Yay Rosa! The tough and sardonic detective (played by real life out bi actress Stephanie Beatriz) came out and it was awesome. In this week’s episode of the comedy cop show, Rosa reveals that she’s bisexual. In a time where positive bi representation on TV and film is still not where it needs to be, this is wonderful news.

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