5 Good (and Gay) Things that Happened This Week: 11/11-11/17

It’s that time again…FOR GOOD AND GAY THINGS!



1. Australians vote for marriage equality. Australians found out the results of their marriage equality survey this week, and there was cause for celebration. More than 60% of respondents voted yes, and now it moves to Parliment to be made into law. Play the video about to see the joyous reaction to the announcement.



2. Sara Ramirez returns to TV. As you may know, bisexual actress/activist Sara Ramirez will be appearing as a series regular on CBS’s Madame Secretary. Well the first clip dropped this week on TVLine and it was fabulous. Sara plays political strategist Kat Sandoval, and is bringing bitchin’ butchness to prime time TV. There are very few representations of butch or masculine of center women on TV, so this is exciting to say the least.


3. Out lesbian Democrat Allison Ikley-Freeman wins a seat in Tulsa. Congratulations to new Senator Allison Ikley-Freeman who won a seat in Tulsa’s notoriously conservative district in a special election this week. She won by less than forty votes, so don’t let anyone tell you your vote doesn’t matter.


4. Married Women’s Hockey rivals welcome a baby. When I read about this, I immediately thought of Tracey Richardson’s Delay of Game! Congratulations to Caroline Ouellette (Canada) and Julie Chu (USA) on the birth of their baby, Liv Chu-Ouellette


5. Queer woman who met her love and kidney donor on Tinder gets a documentary. Two years ago, Alana matched with Lori on Tinder, then soon after, found out Lori was a kidney donor match. This weekend, FuseTV premieres the documentary about their life together, and Lori’s lifesaving gift, called Bean.

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