5 good (and gay) things that happened this week: 10/6-10/13

Another cruddy week deserves some good and gay news.


5. Bingo Love comic book was picked up by Image Comics. Ok, so technically this is last week’s news, but it’s still pretty awesome. The comic is written by Tee Franklin, drawn by Jenn St-Onge, and colored by Joy San, and had a successful crowdfunded campaign. It’s about two young black queer women who fall in love while at church bingo in 1963, and are torn apart by their families and societal pressure until they reconnect as mature adults. You can pre-order it now and it will be released on Valentine’s Day 2018. Awwwww.


4. Shannara Chronicles is back on a new network, with a new same-sex love interest for Eretria. I will admit, I wasn’t all about Shannara last season, but I am so in this year. After moving from MTV to Spike, the show has a new, grittier feel, and a more exciting and diverse cast. Considering Eratrea’s last lady love was turned into a tree, I’m over the moon about Vanessa Morgan joining the cast as Lyria.



3. The Clexacon podcast, unCONventional, premiered. Ok, yes, I am doing some self-promoting, but I promise you will like this new podcast in association with the folks at Clexacon. The first guests are Editor in Chief of Tagg Magazine, Eboné Bell and comedian/actress Bridget McManus.




2. Youtube star Alex G comes out on National Coming Out Day. The popular singer/songwriter and Youtuber Alex G came out as bisexual in a video this week. Alex tells viewers that it was important to her to share her story and to help other bisexual folks who might be struggling as well. Good for you, Alex!



1. Professor Marston and The Wonder Women comes out today. I’ll post my review of this lush and lovely film soon, but you don’t want to miss this in theatres or when it comes to VOD. What seems like the story of the man who created Wonder Woman, actually is a tale of love, trust, and commitment within a polyamorous relationship.


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