3 webseries to put on your must-watch list this spring

It’s March! That means a lot of new books, movies, and television shows are returning and debuting. With so much to see and do, don’t forget about these great webseries that are available now or coming soon in time for spring.


The Leslie (Season 2 premieres April 19th)

Back in 2016 we met Leslie (writer and star Kate Johnson), who recently came out and is about to dive snapback first into the world of dating women. Awkward, unsure, and very funny, Leslie is in need of some advice and a shoulder to lean on. That’s where her crew of besties come in. Subscribe now to the series so you will be notified when it premieres again in April.


A4O (Season 2 trailer premieres March 8th)

The folks behind All Four One (A4O) have been hard at work putting Season 2 together, and soon we’ll get a sneak peek into what’s next. The series stars Gwenlyn Cumyn as Dorothy, a bisexual, modern-day D’Artagnan (the series is loosely based on The Three Musketeers) and her gang of daring friends and sorority siblings who try to right the wrongs on their campus. Along the way, Dorothy falls for a bad boy in sheep’s clothing, and then her sweet roommate, Connie (Linnea Currie-­Roberts). Don’t miss out on the fun, you can start watching the first season now.


Red the Series (Season 4 premieres in April)

The complicated love story of actresses Mel and Liz is one of the best webseries out there, and the much anticipated fourth season drops in April. If you haven’t caught this series yet, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this beautiful and well-acted series. 

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