3 reasons why you should see “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”

Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman came out this past weekend and has been getting overall great reviews, and has even drawn some controversy. Directed by out lesbian director Angela Robinson (D.E.B.S., The L Word), PMWW is told through a decidedly queer lens, which makes for some captivating storytelling, even if it may or may not ring completely true to the trio’s relationship. In PMWW, William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans) and his wife, the even more brilliant Elizabeth Holloway Marston (Rebeca Hall), fall in love with a captivating younger woman named Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote). Olive was a student of William’s, and entered into a relationship with William and Elizabeth. Olive and Elizabeth lived together for decades after William’s death, until Olive’s death in 1990. So why should you see this little film with big heart? Here are three reasons.



1. Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote are fabulous in it. No offense to Mr. Evans, who also puts in a great performance, but Hall and Heathcote carry this movie their terrific chemistry and superb performances. Historically, the attention and focus of the polyamourous relationship between the trio has been on the women’s relationship to William, not each other. In this film, Robinson really explores the relationship through a lesbian perspective and lets the women’s connection to each other drive the story.


2. The film is super queer. Not only does PMWW portray Olive and Elizabeth as bisexual, but actor Luke Evans is an out gay man. He’s helping to shatter the long-held stereotype that gay actors can’t play all types of roles, and with each endeavor, finds himself more and more in Hollywood leading man status. Director Angela Robinson is a lesbian, as mentioned previously, and this film is arguably her best work yet.


3. It gives you a deeper understanding of how Wonder Woman became the beloved superhero she is. While this film is about three people in love, it’s also about three people who created an icon. Elizabeth and Olive were inspirations for the character, and they were very much by William’s side as he created and developed the character. PMWW also delves into the controversy behind the character, both for Wonder Woman’s bold feminism and sexuality, and for the Marston family’s life behind the scenes.

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