3 big reasons why you need to be watching “Shades of Red”

Red the Series has been one of the most thrilling women-loving-women webseries to date. Written by Germana Belo and Viv Schiller and starring Luciana Bollina and Ana Paula Lima, Red is the story of two actresses, Mel and Liz, who fall madly in love while filming a movie together. Drama abounds as Mel has a husband, and Liz struggles with addiction. Season Three wrapped up this summer and Season Four is in the works. To tide fans over between seasons, the series created Shades of Red, which are shorter episodes that are jam-packed with fabulous dialogue, chemistry and romance. If you haven’t seen Shades of Red yet, here’s why you should add it to your watch list.

1. It explores the love story of Liz and Mel in really beautiful ways. Bollina and Lima have always had an easy chemistry together, and it’s a real treat to see these two talented actresses take Liz and Mel to different places. Lazy mornings in bed, first dances, the kinds of confessions lovers make to each other that only bring them closer. While I’m a huge fan of the main series, I must admit, it’s moments like those that confirm that Shades of Red has stolen my heart in a big way. Clexacon attendees will get a chance to see these actresses in person, and learn more about the process of bringing Liz and Mel to life.

2. We learn much more about the characters’ past. Shades focuses on Liz and Mel’s present, but also dips into Liz’s past, something she hasn’t spoken about much during the main seasons. “Silêncios & música” which combines the past and present, is one of the finest episodes of any series, period.

3. It’s super sexy. While Red has always been heavy on the sexy, Shades of Red is more playful and romantic. Stakes aren’t as high, so instead of stolen kisses and sex fraught with complications, Liz and Mel get to just be two women in love and lust with each other.

Shades of RED 2 from RED Webseries on Vimeo.


The final episode of Shades of Red Season Two drops this Thursday on Vimeo, and you can rent the whole season now.

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