10 novels about fresh starts and new beginnings

With the new year upon us, it’s impossible not to think about clean slates and starting fresh. New year, new possibilities, amirite? These ten Bella novels feature stories just like that: new beginnings and taking chances. Right now, you can also get these ebooks at a reduced price!



Dingo’s Recovery by Genevieve Fortin

Newly retired Joyce Allen is ready to push her limits and try some new things, and that includes adopting a dog she’s always wanted, Dingo. When Dingo is injured, Joyce takes him to Dr. Amanda Carter, the new vet in town who is many years Joyce’s junior. While Joyce is concerned about their age difference, Amanda doesn’t seem to see it the same way. Can Joyce get past her fears in order to embrace something real?



Mulligan by KG MacGregor

Louise Stevens was dreaming of retirement when her longtime partner suddenly passes away, turning her world upside down. Golf-pro Marty Beck is intruiged by the reserved and hard-to-read Louise and does what she can to try to break down Louise’s walls and forge a friendship. When love comes along, will they both be ready?



No One But You by Catherine Maiorisi

It’s hard to imagine the pain of being left at the alter, but that’s exactly what bestselling novelist Lily Alexander is dealing with. Naturally, she’s cautious about dating again. When wealthy tech playgirl Robin DiLuca comes into her life, their chemistry is hard to deny. The two make the ultimate commitment, but when Lily and Robin’s baby is born prematurely, it awakens terrible secrets from Robin’s past, causing her to leave her wife and child behind in order to protect them. Can these two find a way to heal?



Heartsick by Tracey Richardson

ER physician Dr. Victoria Turner and paramedic (and former soldier), Angie Cullen find themselves on the receiving end of serious heartbreak when their respective partners have an affair with each other. Vic and Angie are left to pick up the pieces and become allies in their pain, and maybe the key to learning to love again.




Dreams Unspoken by RJ Layer

Horse trainer Jo Marchal has returned to her Ohio hometown to try and reconnect with her family and do a little healing herself. While there, she meets Maria West, who dreams of love and family. Could these two women find what’s been missing in their lives, in each other?



Screen Kiss by Ann Roberts

(This is a February release, so put it on your list!) Cinefile Addy Tornado longs to meet a woman like the heroines she sees in her favorite films. When musician Mazie Midnight moves to town and starts fresh with her eyes on a Masters in Music and a job at the Bijou Theater. Now, if she could only deal with the terrible stage fright that is keeping her from her dreams. When Addy and Mazie’s paths cross at the Bijou, they initially clash, but that all changes when Addy hears Mazie sing. Can Addy help Mazie find her voice and follow her dreams?




Desert Places by Erica Abbott

Trying to escape a broken heart and a painful past, Jean McAllister moves to southern Colorado and takes the job of Deputy County Attorney, in hopes of moving on. When she meets the charming and dedicated Sheriff Lea Hawkins when the two team up on a case, Jean begins to wonder if there’s something between them. That connection is threatened when the murder of a colleague sends everything into upheavel and casts doubt on everyone, including Lea.




Unbroken Circle by Mary Griggs

In the tiny town of Pennington, Alabama, Sallie Lee Hybart isn’t used to seeing strangers at her diner. However, when the down-on-her-luck Janet Bouton arrives at her establishment, Sallie Lee realizes there’s something familiar about the women. Janet isn’t a stranger to Pennington, and her past still haunts her and the other people of the town. Sallie is drawn to Janet, however. Can they push past bad memories and simmering resentments in the town to make something together?




Back To Blue by Dillon Watson

A year-long coma has robbed artist Summer Rain Baxby of her own memory, and left her with haunting flashes of someone else’s memories. When she’s introduced to author Renny Jamison, Rain feels like she might have a chance to move on to a new life. Dreams and images continue to haunt her however, and the only person who believes in her story is Renny.




Making Up for Lost Time by Karin Kallmaker

Chef Jamie Onassis’ dream restaurant is turning into a bit of nightmare with endless repairs and delays. Valkyrie Valentine is set to be the next Martha Stewart, but she has a big secret that could ruin things for her. Reporter Sheila Thintowski is determined to learn about more than Valkyrie’s DIY skills. These three women together promises some serious sparks.

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