10 most Earptastic moments from the “Wynonna Earp” Season 3 premiere

*Contains some spoilers for Wynonna Earp S3E1


After a long year’s wait, Wynonna Earp has finally joined the fun of 20Gayteen. While technically the show officially kicks off on its regular time slot at 10pm EST this Friday, Syfy gave fans a sneak peek of the S3 premiere last night. So what went down? Well you’ll have to watch the episode to get the whole scoop, but here are the 10 most Earptastic moments of the premiere.


10. Wynonna is back in action. After last season’s heart-wrenching goodbye to baby Alice, Wynonna is back to fighting revenents, downing whiskey, and taking the bull by the horns.


9. Wayhaught are going strong after nearly a year and teaming up together. Waverly and Nicole have made it through possessions, secret wives, and a hell of a lot more and are still as much in love as ever. They also make a great (and bickering) fighting team.


8. Vampires! After years of comparisons to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, WE went and brought vampires to Purgatory. Sure, they are just here for the Bulshar action, but it’s fun to see the thrall the cast over the town.


7. You asked for Wayhaught domestic bliss and you got it. So often in media, we don’t get to see what happens when something works for a women loving women couple. But WE proves that drama doesn’t have to be about death or breaking up. Nicole and Waverly are waking up next to each other after everything and that’s important.


6. Also the couple that stays together, gets possessed by vampires together. Whoops, looks like Wayhaught got caught under a vampire thrall, but they are doing it together and it’s funny and kind of sexy, too.



5. We meet Mama Earp officially. When I was a kid growing up in Detroit, I watched the PBS telethon just for the re-airings of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea just to revel in Megan Follows‘ performance. Now, she’s guest starring on of of my favorite shows. What is life?  Oh yeah, Mama’s been in a psychiatric hospital for years and only Wynonna has known about it.


4. WE handles the complications of a love triangle with care. Dolls loves Wynonna, Wynonna loves Doc and sort of loves Dolls too, Doc loves Wynonna but he’s in deep pain over the having to watch their daughter be taken away from the Ghost River Triangle. Matters of the heart deserve to be treated with care, and that’s what’s happening here. It’s complicated, because it’s about love.


3. The show introduces us to new reoccurring character, Kate. Actress Chantel Riley (Frankie Drake Mysteries) has joined the Wynonna Earp family as vampire, Kate/Contessa, a woman who has a past with Doc. She’s scary (but also awesome?) who offers to turn Doc into a vamp. He declines, and she ends up trying to help him. Welcome to Purgatory, Kate!


2. Ain’t no party like a vampire party. The vamps that rolled into town are having a little shindig to make some new vamps, worship Bulshar and eat the rest of the town. Wayhaught are there, and their connection shines through despite the thrall. Thankfully Wynonna and Dolls arrive to do a little damage control, and by damage control, I mean turn all the vamps to dust. While under the thrall, however, Nicole connects to a piece of her past long hidden away, which brings us to…



1. Nicole gets a meaty backstory. Ever wonder why Nicole, a promising cop with a bright future, ended up in a dead-end town like Purgatory? Perhaps it was her long hidden (even to herself) past that connects her to the town and Bulshar. After the vamps slaughter the entire clientele of Pussywillows, Nicole couldn’t shake an uneasy feeling. After the party, she returns to the scene of the crime and reveals to Dolls that believes she was once the lone survivor of a Cult of Bulshar massacre. Well, this will be very interesting.



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