10 LGBTQ-celebrating enamel pins to spruce up any outfit

I love enamel pins. Let me repeat. I LOVE ENAMEL PINS. Perhaps it’s because when I was just a wee gay, slipping a rainbow button on your jacket or bag was a silent signal to other queer folks in the room. But now that I’m an established gay, I love them because they are hella stylish and fun. A simple pin can really elevate a blazer or jacket or add a little panache to your bag or laptop case. Here are ten fabulous enamel pins that will get you some high fives and maybe even strike up a conversation with another like-minded lesbian bi, or queer fashionista.


1. Femslash heart. Look at this sweet little lavender pin by Glorious Weirdo, perfect for fanfiction readers, writers, and lovers of all things wlw.


2.  Bee Charmer: Who doesn’t love a good throwback? This pin by queer owned Butch and Sissy will bring all the bees to the yard, and by bees, I mean lesbians. (It made sense in my head.)  Plus Bee Charmer has been secret code for “I Like Girls” since Idgie Threadgoode fell in love with Ruth Jamison in Fried Green Tomatoes.


3. Dead Lesbian Pin Pack: This trio of dearly departed queer lady characters was designed by artist Cameron Glavin and is sold in the merch store at Autostraddle.com. I have this very set, which is beautifully colorful and most definitely conversation starter with pop culture loving LGBTQ folks.


4. I Came Out: Are you out and want everyone to know it? Well, this subtle pin can say it for you anytime, anyplace. Put it on a hat! Put it on a bag! You pin is here, it’s queer, get used to it.


5. Classic Triangle: You can never go wrong with a classic like this rainbow triangle. Two symbols of pride wrapped up in one.


6. Retro Wonder Woman: Dying to talk about Professor Marsten and the Women Women (or that SNL sketch with Gal and Kate) with the cute gay lady at the Co-op? Well this pin might just do the trick. Plus, it’s colorful and really cool.


7. Gay Disaster: Nobody’s perfect, so wear your messiness with pride with this pin by GRRRL Spells, which is run by tattoo artist and designer, En Tze.


8. Gal Pals: Share this sweetheart of a pin with the person you love, and you can both be in on the joke.


9. Rebel the Unicorn Cat. Cat + unicorn + feminism? It’s like a dream come true. Let Rebel give the patriarchy the side eye for you.


10. Permanent Resident San Junipero: Oh baby do you know what that’s worth? This pin is simply heaven on earth. A nod to the beloved Black Mirror episode, this pin has 80’s flare with a modern message of love.


I hope you like these enamel pin suggestions. As a bonus, here’s a great rainbow display for all your goodies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy all of them.

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